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“There is no greater way to put more profits into your business than becoming more efficient with your time”

Adobe Lightroom is by far the most utilized photo editing software product available today. It has virtually eliminated the need for me to step into Photoshop and is the only photo editing tool that allows me to consistently edit entire weddings in only 5 hours or less! 

There is no greater way to put more profits into your business than becoming more efficient with your time, and Lightroom is my main contributor to those photo editing efficiencies I’ve developed.

This page is my collection of my very best Lightroom training & photo editing tutorials that I’ve written and/or recorded to share with you my very best photo editing and workflow techniques that I’ve developed over the last 5 years of being a wedding photographer and exclusively using Lightroom photo editing software.

Ready to get your learn on??  Here we go!

Lightroom Training & Photo Editing Tutorials

lightroom training photo editing tips

Edit Like a Pro & Fix Crazy Skin Tones in Lightroom in 3 Clicks! – Learn how to quickly and effectively adjust unnatural skin tones within seconds as I let you in on one of my best kept secrets.

How to Edit Newborn Photos in Lightroom_0000

How to Edit Newborn Photos in Lightroom in only 65 Seconds! – What would you do with the extra time you’d have on your hands if you could edit an entire newborn session in less than 1 hour?

Lightroom3-user preset applied

Presets in Adobe Lightroom to Automate Workflow & “Pop” to Images! – Using Adobe Lightoom find out how we can edit an entire wedding in only 5 hrs and make the images pop! Find out how…

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Presets Batch Editing

Edit Quicker by Batch Editing with Lightroom – Boost your photo editing skills by learning how to batch process your photos in Adobe Lightroom!

How to Edit

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom! (Video) – Follow along with my screen watching me explain the basics of how I edit photos in Lightroom.

graduated filter

Using the Graduated Filter in Lightroom 5 for Creative Lighting Effects for Portraits (Video) – Learn how to creatively use the graduated filter tool in Lightroom to drastically improve your photos.

Landscape Photography Tips Lightroom Photo Editing_0004

Landscape Photography Editing Tips – Ordinary to Extraordinary in 5 Steps! – How to easily transform your ordinary looking landscape photos into extraordinary looking photos!

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Creating a Vintage Lightroom Preset in 3 Simple Steps – Create a custom vintage Lightroom preset from scratch, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Photo Editing - Remove Distracting Objects or Blemishes in 60 seconds!

Remove Blemishes or People Using Lightroom in 60 seconds! (Video) – Watch exactly how you can remove unwanted objects from your photos within a couple clicks without ever having to leave Lightroom.

Lightroom training library module

Learning the Lightroom Library Module – Using Keywords for Organization! – Lightroom is capable of so much more than only editing your photos, here are some easy tricks for keeping organized!

More Lightroom Training & Resources:

how to edit newborn photos in lightroom