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About Cole’s Classroom

We were tired of searching for a photography community that felt like home. So we made one. We are real life photographers, passionately dedicated to providing you with the very best photography tutorials, premium photo editing tools, training programs and customer support so you can start taking the photos of your dreams.

Meet your new photography mentors

MEET Cole Joseph

The Resident Fisherman. Cole is our talented founder who specializes in wedding photography, located in San Diego, California. On weekends you’ll find him on his fishing boat or posting amazing homemade ceviche photos on Facebook! *yes, we’re jealous.

MEET Betsy Davis

The Infamous Queen B. Betsy is a backlight master, who specializes in family photography in the Kansas City area. You'll find her drinking coffee and holding her adorable pup, Maggie, who tends to take over Zoom team meetings because she’s THAT cute.

MEET Kelly Acs

The World Traveling Introvert. Kelly is a family and equine photographer, located in Abu Dhabi. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at the stables trying not to fall off of her 17hh dinosaur or searching for her daughter’s missing finger puppet.

MEET Edel Clark

The Kick Butt Mom and Former Journalist. Edel is our lead mentor and a family, wedding and newborn photographer out of the United Kingdom. Within five minutes of meeting her, she’ll have you snort laughing and asking for another Prosecco!

MEET Logan Fahey

The German Shepherd Mama. Logan is a family and child photographer located in the great state of Texas! She’s obsessed with her vintage red truck, her sweet German Shepherds, and her two babies who are the most adorable humans on earth.

MEET Kate Guertin

The Social Butterfly. Kate is a newborn and family photographer located in Connecticut. She’s a marketing genius and extrovert who can fill 20 mini session spots in under an hour. Kate is a master with her camera and can throw back a plate of corned beef like nobody’s business.

MEET Debbie Dee

The Mosh Pit Mama. Debbie Is a newborn and milestone photographer located in Scotland (with Miss Loch Ness). She's a self identified I.T. nerd obsessed with coffee, yoga, live music and spreading happiness! Debbie is an amazing educator and always eager to help!

MEET Melissa Franklin

The Unicorn-Chasing, Hug-Giving Mama. Melissa is a pizza and Prosecco-loving, family and newborn photographer in South Florida. On the weekends, you'll catch her doing the running man in flip flops and with her adorable family on the boat! Ask her to give you tips on how to get your kids to let you sleep in!

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Meet Your Fellow Cole's Classroom Photographers

We are changing the lives of photographers just like you all around the globe. Whether you just picked up your camera, or you’re looking to refine your skills, we can help. Here’s how Cole’s Classroom helped these photographers start taking the photos they’ve always dreamed of.

“Two years ago I was that mom who could only take blurry photos of my toddlers but Cole’s Classroom Pro changed my life! I'll never forget how excited I was when I started taking their courses. It was a GOLD MINE and the stepping stones that led me to where I am today with my FULLY BOOKED photography business. My all time favorite is the private Facebook group where I have made lifetime friends. Thank you Cole's Classroom for helping me turn my dreams into reality!”

- Coty Dodd
Before Cole’s Classroom:
After Cole’s Classroom:

“Over the past 3 years, Cole’s Classroom has helped me tremendously gain confidence. Through the different trainings, I have greatly improved how to get the most out of my camera and equipment, editing, how to find the best angle and lighting for photo sessions to mention a few. I really like the feedback received from other photographers around the world, it is very positive and rewarding. Now I do photography for newborns, weddings, family sessions and just about any occasion. I have come a long way, and I am really glad I joined Cole’s Classroom!”

- Osmeri Mancebo
Before Cole’s Classroom:
After Cole’s Classroom:

“I had zero idea how to use my camera when I joined Cole's Classroom. I was shooting in Auto mode and too nervous to share my photos in photography groups. When I joined Cole's Classroom, I dove in and was shooting in full manual mode by the end of my 10 day trial. The difference was AMAZING! I love having so much content to learn, including how to turn my hobby into a business, and a group of ever-ready and incredibly kind mentors always ready to lend a hand. Now, I am running a successful photography business that brings in income while letting me stay home with my babies.”

- Angela Pope
Before Cole’s Classroom:
After Cole’s Classroom:

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What Photographers Are Saying

Learn what Cole’s Classroom members have to say about our supportive community!

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I am so proud of this portrait-it is my best work yet and is a direct result of our CC community. Everything I have learned in this amazing group is finally starting to click!

Thank you Cole and all the mentors for your incredible guidance!!!

Jerilyn Faciano

That moment when your husband starts crying over the Photo Reveal video you’ve put together for a client and says, “ How am I crying? I don’t even know these people”

That’s when you know you’re doing exactly what you’ve been called to do. So happy I’ve found my way back to photography and so grateful to Cole’s Classroom for helping me greatly improve my skills/talents. Sometimes I look at my work and I can’t believe it’s mine. Thank you, Cole and members. I am inlove with being an artist again.

Ariana Youmans Keenahan

My business is exploding! I just booked my first wedding… that wasn’t a friend. I am so over the moon excited! I have been praying for this!

Thank you Coles Photo Pro leaders and everyone! I have learned so much!

Jennifer Miller