For the majority of photographers, having a website will be a crucial element to having a successful business. Having a place where you can visually display your work is key to your photography business. There are a few reasons why having a website is critical to the success of your photography business, and in today’s market, it goes far beyond having a place to display your work. Here are four reasons you should have a website.


Build Your Brand

Having a website is a professional way to build your brand, and gives you full control of how you represent yourself and your work to your prospects and clients. Not only will you have a convenient place to display your images for viewing, but everything about your website can be customized to build your brand. When clients hire you, they are hiring you for more than your pictures: they are hiring you for YOU. Your personality. Your style. If you brand yourself properly, they get a sense of comfort from knowing what to expect. This will be a key tool for prospective clients to get familiar with who you are before they hire you.

Educate Your Potential Clients

Do you ever feel like you answer the same questions over and over again? “How much do your sessions cost?” “Do you do newborn photography?” Having a website will enable you to streamline client communication, and will help you to stop wasting precious time sending the same information repeatedly to potential clients. Websites can be a valuable tool for your business when it comes to client education, because you can have it all in one spot for them!

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It’s Affordable and Easy

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Starting your own website couldn’t be easier than it is today, and it’s certainly affordable. There are options available for every budget, so don’t let finances keep you from this goal. And don’t let the myth that it has to be painful and difficult hold you back, either. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you’re just getting started, click here to read how you can start your own website or blog in only five minutes!

It’s Expected

In today’s technological age, it is just expected that any legitimate business will have a website. People love to go online and scope things out before they commit to anything or anyone. And that includes you. Custom photography is an investment, and people want to know where they’re putting their hard-earned money. Show your prospects that you are worth your salt by having a website up and ready. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should exist. If not, be prepared for clients to not take you seriously, or to pass you by for the photographer down the road who has a website where they can readily gather the information they’re looking for.

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Having a website isn’t optional anymore. It really is a necessity if you’re planning to market your work and grow in the professional photography industry. So if you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to take the leap!

And If you’re just getting started and are still looking to build your portfolio (so that you can have images for your website), don’t leave without reading our free tutorial on Successful Portfolio Building!

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