Everyone loves to head to the beach on vacation or summer break, but it’s often thought of as a difficult event to photograph. It doesn’t have to be. With these photography tips for the beach and lake, you can feel comfortable and confident about bringing out the “big camera” and making it worthwhile!


Protect your Gear

I never get my camera out at the beach if it is a windy day, as that is just asking for trouble.

I usually bring a bag that has a zip close dedicated to just my camera – I don’t want anyone in there for any other reason.  And I put a towel over it when not in use.

I always put one lens on my camera (often times my nifty 50mm; as it is inexpensive and will get the job done) and don’t bring any others.

I usually let the kids get in and keep the camera out for 20-30 minutes, take my shots and put it away. Done for the day. Equipment is safe. Memories are captured.

If I am at the beach vs. the lake I always try to remember to wipe down my equipment with a microfiber towel and clean my glass lenses as well. The salt air can be harsh on your equipment.

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Watch the Horizon lines

Try to get low, or high, with your shots; keep note that where the ocean meets the sky is a strong horizon line.  Especially try not to have this line go right through someone’s head.

Also, try to keep your horizons as straight as possible in camera so there is less adjustments needed later on in editing.

Beach photography tips

Avoid the Sun Squints

People often avoid shooting mid-day because of the awful squinty eyes and bad under eye shadows caused by the high sun.  To avoid that utilize the goggles, the sunglasses and go after the wider action shots.

Beach photography tips

Set the Scene

There is usually tons of color at the beach; sun umbrellas, beach toys, colorful towels and swim suits. Use these features to add interest. Compose your photos around these items, or to incorporate them.

Photography Tips for the Beach

Don’t forget the Details or the FUN

Don’t forget to tell a story about your time on the beach. The crab the kids found, or when the kids buried their dad in the sand…they don’t all have to be perfect, award-winning images; they just have to preserve the day!

Photography Tips for the Beach

We’d love to see you put some of these photography tips for the beach and lake into practice. Being near the water is a great time to capture the fun in life! So, don’t be afraid to use your skills in open sun, near the sand and water, it really is easier than you think to get some wonderful keepsake images!

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