If you are anything like me, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your photos… searching to find ways to take them to the next level. Sound familiar? We jump along from webinar to webinar, blog post to blog post, in search of that perfect answer to the question we find ourselves asking: “What are my photos missing? Why can’t I get the wow factor I am after?” If you are wanting to improve your photos, we have 7 easy tips for you that you can put into practice today, and start seeing dramatic results.

Change Your Angle

improve your photos

When I start to feel “in a rut” with my photos, I frequently find that I’m shooting everything from the same angle. Doing so can cause your images to feel stale and repetitious, and no one wants that! Don’t forget to change it up! Tell the story by shooting from overhead, or from down low. In the image above, I was laying on the ground to get the angle I wanted. I wanted to not only capture the light pouring in on them through the window, but also to convey the close moment between these two while letting the setting of the home tell the story of a fleeting, cuddling moment between father and daughter. Choosing your shooting angles wisely will go far in conveying the message you want in your images.

Get Close

Don’t be afraid to get in close! If you shoot with a zoom lens, use that zoom. If you are a prime shooter (like me), run those feet in to your subject and capture the details of your subject’s face. There is something magical about a close shot. In fact, I love them so much that I have started capturing close-ups in every single client session.

Back Up

improve your photos

As much as I love a close shot, I also love to include the environment in my photos as well. By pulling back and showing more of the scene around your subject, you create an artistic feel and open up a whole new realm of possibilities with your images.

Clear Your Space

improve your photos

One of the easiest ways to improve your photos, especially when shooting indoors or at home, is to take a moment to clear the background or the area where you will be shooting. Now, sometimes, I will intentionally skip this step when I am shooting my own kids and I intend to capture the messy chaos of young children, but there are times when clearing the mess, even just a little, can really help to keep your eye from being distracted. If you want your viewers eye to go right to your subject, clear the space.


improve your photos

Good composition is a basic concept, but one that is powerful in improving your images. If you’re not getting the images you want, think about how you can utilize composition to pack some extra punch in your photos. In this image, the rule of thirds worked well to draw your focus to the subject, while nicely setting the story of a child playing innocently in her bedroom.

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Get the Details

One of the things I have been focusing on this year is capturing more of the details in my photos. Whether your shooting for yourself, family or clients, the details shots add a unique touch to a collection of images, and really help to tell the story of the moment. My favorite way to do this is through candid shots. I love to watch for quiet, fleeting moments to capture that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This little girl taking in the flower she picked was the perfect way to capture her personality and to tell the story of a girl who was a collector of flowers and who was easily lost in the beauty of nature.

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Get Creative

And finally, get out of your “box.” Think beyond what you normally shoot, your usual style. Take time to explore taking photos that you wouldn’t normally take! It can be so fun! Recently, I have had a lot of fun with taking out of focus images. While my normal style is clean and candid, shooting out of focus has a unique artistic appeal to me, and is an exercise in creativity that keeps me from running artistically dry. Maybe for you it would be shooting in a different type of light than you’re used to, or in a setting you don’t normally try. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to try something new and to get creative with your photos.

These tips are just a few easy ways that you can start to dramatically improve your photos right now. By putting these things into practice, you’ll find that you are creating photos that go beyond the typical snapshot, and really start to impress.

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