Our Mission

Connection. Intention. Community.
Empowerment. FUN.

The mission of Cole’s Classroom is to help everyone, regardless of skill level or budget, to become a better photographer. The truth is, getting into photography can be intimidating (we’ve all been there…when the stress of a new path seems to outweigh the benefit)! But we also know what’s on the other side of learning photography; freedom to do what you love, building relationships with people in your community, and spreading kindness through imagery.

Cole’s Classroom offers inspirational and practical, no-fuss training to photographers around the world
(with a heck of a lot of fun mixed in)!


We were tired of searching for a photography
community that felt like home. So we made one.

We believe there shouldn’t be any barriers to learning about and improving your photography, whether you are a complete novice or a skilled professional. We believe in education based on kindness, connection, FUN, and a sense of community that makes EVERYONE feel included and valued. More than anything, we want you to be yourself.
Cole’s Classroom has been formed by a diverse group of individuals that ALL bring value. Yes, YOU TOO! You belong.

Our Team

Our team of global mentors that dish ALL the tips!

Our team of mentors are real photography experts who provide the content for our courses and tutorials. They also respond personally to questions in our private PRO community. Cole’s Classroom Pro Members have exclusive access to a private Facebook group, Q&A, image critiques, and exclusive training with the entire mentor team.

Meet your Cole’s Classroom mentors (and your new best friends):

Cole Joseph

Cole Joseph

The Resident Fisherman. Cole is our talented founder who specializes in wedding photography, located in San Diego, California. On weekends you’ll find him on his fishing boat or posting amazing homemade ceviche photos on Facebook! *yes, we’re jealous.

Betsy Davis

Betsy Davis

The Infamous Queen B. Betsy is a backlight master, who specializes in family photography in the Kansas City area. You'll find her drinking coffee and holding her adorable pup, Maggie, who tends to take over Zoom team meetings because she’s THAT cute.

Kelly Acs

Kelly Acs

The World Traveling Introvert. Kelly is a family and equine photographer, located in Abu Dhabi. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at the stables trying not to fall off of her 17hh dinosaur or searching for her daughter’s missing finger puppet.

Edel Clark

Edel Clark

The Kick Butt Mom and Former Journalist. Edel is our lead mentor and a family, wedding and newborn photographer out of the United Kingdom. Within five minutes of meeting her, she’ll have you snort laughing and asking for another Prosecco!

Logan Fahey

Logan Fahey

The German Shepherd Mama. Logan is a family and child photographer located in the great state of Texas! She’s obsessed with her vintage red truck, her sweet German Shepherds, and her two babies who are the most adorable humans on earth.

Kate Guertin

Kate Guertin

The Social Butterfly. Kate is a newborn and family photographer located in Connecticut. She’s a marketing genius and extrovert who can fill 20 mini session spots in under an hour. Kate is a master with her camera and can throw back a plate of corned beef like nobody’s business.

Debbie Dee

Debbie Dee

The Mosh Pit Mama. Debbie Is a newborn and milestone photographer located in Scotland (with Miss Loch Ness). She's a self identified I.T. nerd obsessed with coffee, yoga, live music and spreading happiness! Debbie is an amazing educator and always eager to help!

Melissa Franklin

Melissa Franklin

The Unicorn-Chasing, Hug-Giving Mama. Melissa is a pizza and Prosecco-loving, family and newborn photographer in South Florida. On the weekends, you'll catch her doing the running man in flip flops and with her adorable family on the boat! Ask her to give you tips on how to get your kids to let you sleep in!

Bottle your love for photography, and give it away.

As a team, we’ve learned that taking your love for photography, morphing that love into pictures and THEN giving that love away is where it gets good.

Photography is a mirror.

Sharing your stunning nature photos from your solo SOUL trip to The Rockies, the tears of new parents welcoming their sweet baby on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, cute kitten cuddles, or your sweet neighbor’s emotional battle with cancer. Your photos make an impact on how people feel. And that friend, is exceptional.

“Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love and do it everyday, do that for the rest of your life, eventually the world will change.”

Ben Haggerty

What makes us Cole’s Classroom different, you ask?

We create and foster a supportive, inspirational, and motivational community of aspiring and up-and-coming photographers who can get answers to their questions – without any fear of ridicule or harsh judgment from others!

We aim to break down confusing photography concepts and techniques into simple and easy to understand lessons that any photographer can grasp. We want you to see real improvements right away so you stay motivated and eager to keep mastering your camera.

Cole’s Classroom knows that being a brand new photographer it can be overwhelming, frustrating and many consider giving up thinking they aren’t good enough.


(Yes, we are yelling at you… in the most loving way, of course!)

It WILL get better when you have the right support to keep cheering you on. That’s where we can help.

At Cole’s Classroom, you have the training, the tools, and the support you need
(and we’ll provide you with a few good laughs, too).

You belong here!

You’re closer to those heart-stirring images than you think

We KNOW what is possible for you. We just want you to see it, too. You are a freakin’ photography ninja and Cole’s Classroom will give you alllll the superpowers.

Education that doesn’t require a fancy degree!

Cole founded Cole’s Classroom back in 2013 when he was unable to find education that helped regular people learn the basics of photography! That has since snowballed into connecting over 120,000 photographers and creating education that is easy to understand and digestible on-the-go!

Cole’s Classroom has been featured in podcasts such as SPI (Smart Passive Income) and The Six Figure Photography Podcast, documenting the journey on how we have created one of the largest photography communities online.

Photography decoded

The centerpiece of the Cole’s Classroom experience is an extensive collection of online photography courses created by real, boots-on-the-ground photographers just like you. These courses are divided into modules to make them easier to complete in stages, and run anywhere from 13 minutes to 5 hours. (We promise our courses are *almost* as good as Netflix!)

Real life photography education that will leave you feeling prepared and inspired. Ready to go PRO?

To really get the most out of Cole’s Classroom, you should consider becoming a Cole’s Classroom PRO member and join the over 18,000 people who we have learned how to earn an income with their photography through our membership. This will give you unlimited access to all of our premium photography courses.

Step-by-Step tips to help you advance your photography! Fast and FREE!

Free Cole’s Classroom tutorials have become the go-to resources for photographers around the world on a variety of topics. Our expert team and contributing authors have poured their hearts into over 700 free photography tutorials, covering categories including:

Simple downloadable tools that you can actually use!

In addition to education, Cole’s Classroom has created an array of downloadable tools to help you jump-start your photography education. Adobe Lightroom presets, guides for posing and lighting, as well as marketing tools, and templates are available.

Examples of free downloads:

Some of Cole’s Classroom’s Downloadable Products available in the Shop:

Our brand family that cares deeply!

Cole’s Classroom joined the ShootProof family in the summer of 2019. ShootProof, the jet-setter of online photography business tools, joins their vision with Cole’s Classroom to help photographers of every level succeed in the industry they love.

Taking care of our customers is what matters most.

Our customers are provided with 7-day a week customer service as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Better Business Bureau

Cole’s Classroom maintains an “A” rating at the Better Business Bureau, putting it among the top photography education resources available for transparent business practices, customer service, and addressing issues in a timely manner.

Hear from our customers!

Be sure to check out our many glowing recommendations from professional and beginner photographers alike on our TrustPilot and Facebook pages. With 6,000 current Pro Member Subscriptions and over 400,000 individuals who have signed up for our email list, Cole’s Classroom has a diverse set of customers from all skill levels that we strive to help on a daily basis.

Unlike Anything You’ll Find Online.

“Few photographers are willing to share any of the ‘Lessons’ they’ve learned on their journey. Not only does Cole’s Classroom totally dispel that notion that you shouldn’t give away your ‘Secrets’ to other photographers, but it actually encourages the opposite. I get Exclusive access to Cole and other top professionals on an encouraging and motivating platform. Unlike anything you’ll find online”


A Lot More COnfidence...

“Immediately when I logged in I knew that Cole’s Classroom Pro was for me and within a few short hours of learning I was able to shoot and edit my photos with a lot more confidence and ease! With my first shooting session with my… AMAZING RESULTS… girlfriends kids I had an amzing results. So much in fact that I suprised myself!”

Max Turner

I feel Confident to make my photos look Awesome

“I am a ‘newbie’ and I was worried that the sessions would be a bit over my head. This course was exactly what I needed, easy to follow, clear tutorials and not too much jargon that I got lost but all of the technical components to keep me on track and making progress. I feel cofident that when I do my first shoot, that I will know what to expect and how to make my photos look awesome! Thanks Cole, loved this course.

Azul Terronez

We are dedicated to empowering photographers like you with the tutorials, tools, and training you need
to learn your camera, and to earn meaningful income with your passion. Whether you are just learning how
your camera works, or looking to grow your photography business, Cole’s Classroom makes the education
and mentoring you need available at your fingertips.