Boudoir photography comes in all shapes and sizes. From classy shoots that hardly qualify as boudoir to risque images you probably wouldn’t want to show your mother, there’s a lot you can accomplish with a boudoir shoot.

woman in pink underwear against window

Photo by Maddi Bazzoco Licensed Under CC0

If you’re feeling a little creatively stumped, here are plenty of boudoir photoshoot ideas that you and your model would love: 

Sunrise Boudoir Photos

woman leaning against tan wall

Photo by Stephany Lorena Licensed Under CC0

Although it’s not a necessity for boudoir sessions, see-through clothing is a common sight in the boudoir genre and popular go-to ideas for photographers. Fabrics like lace or gossamer cloth like this one above give the appearance of coverage while still adding a stylish edge to a boudoir photo session. 

woman topless facing beach

Photo by Yoann Boyer Licensed Under CC0

If you want to get the most out of these delicate fabrics, you should consider shooting your boudoir shots at dawn, especially if you plan to have your boudoir photos outside. 

Photographers typically call this the “golden hour,” and it’s easy to see why. Since the light will be at its softest, any clothing you use for the boudoir photos will shine in the early morning light. 

Hop in the Shower for Boudoir Photography

woman with rose behind glass

Photo by Dollar Gill Licensed Under CC0

Movies and TV shows have been using “steamy shower scenes” with a woman s body for decades as a way to generate interest or draw the audience’s attention. There’s no reason why your boudoir photography or boudoir photo can’t have some of the same ideas. While a shower scene typically works best if you have a glass shower door, you can experiment with other types of partitions as well. A little creativity can yield a lot of great ideas for your boudoir photos. 

woman in shower

Photo by Morgan Harris Licensed Under CC0

Keep in mind that if you are looking to recreate the “steamy” shower effect in boudoir photography, your best bet is to turn the hot water on so it can fog up the shower stall before your model steps inside for your boudoir photography.

Take a Dive: Boudoir Photography in Water

woman coming out from water

Photo by Craventure Media Licensed Under CC0

Frolicking in the ocean isn’t only for mermaids, and if you happen to live near an ocean or lake, this body of water is one of the great photo ideas for a backdrop for your boudoir photography or even couples boudoir. Some boudoir models might prefer to lay on the sand while others don’t mind standing waist-deep in the water for the boudoir image. With couples boudoir photos, you can experiment even more.

woman posing on pool edge

Photo by Marvin Meyer Licensed Under CC0

Regardless of the pose or photo ideas you use, you should be careful about walking too far into the water. 

woman in bathing suit under a pier

Photo by Trent Haaland Licensed Under CC0

If you were to drop your camera, you could permanently damage it. Carrying it in a plastic bag or a waterproof case are both great protective photo ideas that can help keep your camera safe. 

Incorporate a Gorgeous Landscape

woman in bathing suit posing at the beach

Photo by Leonor Oom Licensed Under CC0

There’s no reason why you have to limit your boudoir photo or boudoir photography to the indoors. If you’ve already got an idyllic landscape around you, why not take advantage of it?

woman on her toes posing for photo

Photo by BlackPearl Worldwide Licensed Under CC0

As always, any outdoor lighting that you use will be at its softest right after sunrise or near sundown. While that doesn’t mean you can’t snap a photo at other parts of the day, you might have more trouble. 

woman in bathing suit posing with sun glasses

Photo by Jakob Owens Licensed Under CC0

woman looking over her shoulder at the beach

Photo by Jenej Graj Licensed Under CC0

One of the photo ideas to consider if you are thinking about shooting outside is potential tourists or bystanders. You’ll probably want to use a fairly discreet location to prevent strangers from walking by your boudoir session or boudoir photography, especially if it’s a couples’ session.

Try to Incorporate a Milk Bath for your Boudoir Photography

woman in milk bath with white flowers

Photo by Isa Parente Licensed Under CC0

You might think that the bedroom would be the best room or ideas in your house for boudoir photos or boudoir photography, but it’s actually your bathroom! Milk bath photography is becoming more and more popular, and many people consider it to be a subgenre of boudoir photography. 

woman in milk bath with red flowers

Photo by Timothy Dykes Licensed Under CC0

By filling your bathtub with a mixture of water and milk, you’ll create an opaque liquid that can provide the perfect minimalist background for your boudoir model to lay in. Adding flowers or covering your boudoir model with lace are also great ideas that will only add to the aesthetic of the boudoir otography. 

headshot of woman in milk bath

Photo by Jonathan Cooper Licensed Under CC0

If your planning to do a boudoir event that’s also a maternity session, a milk bath is one of the potentially great photo ideas. The milk substance will not only emphasize your model’s baby bump but since the water has a white tint to it, many people associate the color with innocence. 

Create Fun Boudoir Shots in Deserted Alley

old village tunnel

Photo by Rosalind Chang Licensed Under CC0

When you think of the best places to take boudoir images or boudoir photography, a back alley might be the last place on your mind. However, a deserted alley might work fine if you can’t find a breathtaking landscape to serve as your background. If nothing else, it’s one of the better backup ideas for your boudoir photography and boudoir sessions. 

women in red light wearing bandana

Photo by FourFour Licensed Under CC0

Not only are back alleys usually deserted and free of potential strangers or tourists, but you might be able to find more stylistic elements than you thought for boudoir photography. A few interesting arches or artistic shadows can help you and your model create boudoir photos that have plenty of flair. 

Use a Balcony in Boudoir Photography

Photo by Haley Lawrence Licensed Under CC0

Balconies have been a popular spot for boudoir photography and photoshoots for years, and if you’re looking to bring a classic edge to your boudoir photography and photoshoot, this might be the set-piece you’re looking for. There are a lot of interesting ideas you can use for coverage, but a white sheet is a simple classic. 

Photo by Vinicius Amano Licensed Under CC0

Get Creative With Windows 

woman wearing lingerie with back against window

Photo by MAX LIBERTINE Licensed Under CC0

Trying to work with lighting while you’re shooting inside can be tricky in boudoir photography, but a large window can be just what you need. During the day, any window that you use will reflect plenty of natural light and shadows for you to play around with, but you’ll still have enough privacy that your boudoir photography model shouldn’t feel too exposed.

topless woman peering out window

Photo by Bogdan Glisik Licensed Under CC0

Pair a large window with a corset, stockings, or even a veil for bridal photos, and there should be a lot of room for experimentation and creative ideas for your boudoir photos and boudoir photography

woman in black lingerie peering out window

Photo by DeMorris Byrd Licensed Under CC0

Consider a Rooftop Session

woman posing in empty lot

Photo by Andre Malik Licensed Under CC0

If your boudoir model isn’t too keen on the idea of using a landscape or a deserted alley but still wants to be outside, a roof can be a great alternative. If nothing else, you can add it to your list of ideas for boudoir photos and boudoir photography. 

woman on roof top

Photo by Analise Benevides Licensed Under CC0

Although heights aren’t for everyone and using a roof might be a little extreme in some cases, there’s a lot you can do with your roof in boudoir photography. Near sundown, you can use the headlights from other cars to create interesting lighting effects and ideas. 

Regardless of which roof you use, the first priority is making sure both you and your boudoir model are safe and not in any danger to fall off. 

Break Out the Veil 

Photo by Audrey Jackson Licensed Under CC0

Speaking of white garments or ideas in boudoir photography, using veils that look like a cover for your model is some of the popular ideas when it comes to boudoir photography and sexy boudoir shoots. While the veil works best for wedding boudoir photoshoots, you can replace it with a similar piece of see-through clothing for regular boudoir events and ideas as well. 

Photo by Nika Akin Licensed Under CC0

Spice it Up With Some Statement Jewelry 

Photo by Chalo Garcia Licensed Under CC0

Have an eye-catching necklace that you’d love to show off in boudoir photography but never get the opportunity to? Well, implementing your favorite pieces of jewelry into boudoir photography is some of the ideas that will grab everyone’s attention.

If it’s a nude photoshoot, the jewelry might be all that your boudoir model is wearing, but if she’s also wearing lingerie or other fabric, you should make sure it’s a solid color. 

Lingerie that has patterns on it might draw attention away from the boudoir jewelry, and draw attention away from the focus of your sexy boudoir photography. 

Photo by Samuele Giglio Licensed Under CC0

Wedding Boudoir Photos

Photo by Yohann LIBOT Licensed Under CC0

Bridal boudoir events are becoming more and more popular, but if there’s no time to arrange a shoot before the wedding, why not take your boudoir photos during the wedding preparation?

Not only will the boudoir model already have her hair and makeup done, but you can use wedding jewelry, the veil, or even the dress as potential props for the boudoir event. There are a lot of interesting ideas you can play off of for your sexy boudoir photography.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez Licensed Under CC0

A boudoir event or boudoir photography that takes place before the wedding can be a great way to capture the wedding preparation process with some creative ideas. 

Incorporate a Mysterous a Mask for Boudoir Photography

Photo by DANNY G Licensed Under CC0

Want to add a little bit of mystery to your sexy boudoir photography? Or maybe you just need some ideas to spice your boudoir photography up? A way you can do so is by adding a mask to your boudoir model’s face. Boudoir photographers have been using this technique for a long time. 

Photo by Rodrigo Rodriguez Licensed Under CC0

The boudoir mask can be as extravagant as you want, but make sure that it’s the same or a similar color to any lingerie or fabric that you use. If your mask and lingerie clash, it can be a source of distraction for anybody who looks at the sexy boudoir images. 

Using a mask can also open you and your boudoir model up to a lot of other great ideas and accessories to incorporate into sexy boudoir photography.

Picture Perfect Pin-Up 

Photo by Olga Guryanova Licensed Under CC0

Pin-up photography has been some of the most popular photography genres and ideas for decades, and many people consider it a crossover with boudoir photography ideas and boudoir photographers. There are a lot of different ideas you can take advantage of with this version of boudoir photography. In some cases, the only ideas you might need are red lipstick, curly hair, and long lashes. 

Photo by Erik Mclean Licensed Under CC0

Feel free to add any of your own ideas or see how your ideas look like and match up to the classic ideas of the pin-up photography genre or other boudoir photographers. 

Photo by JoelValve Licensed Under CC0

Although all of these ideas have the potential to create great boudoir pictures, your boudoir model might not be interested in all of these photo ideas. Feel free to use any of these ideas as a source of inspiration or look at other boudoir photographers. 

Photo by Peter Plashkin Licensed Under CC0

You can even combine multiple ideas to create the perfect photo session for your boudoir images. Whatever you do, make sure you have your rights reserved for any really good photos and don’t forget to follow us!

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