Wondering what client gallery delivery option to choose? Let’s compare two great choices, Pixieset vs ShootProof!

When it comes to choosing a delivery method for client photos, things can get a little confusing.  Today, we are breaking down both the pros and cons of the two largest client gallery options, Pixieset vs Shootproof.  They are both great options, offering a professional client experience. If you’re interested in ditching the CDs and USBs, signing up with either of these two online services will save you a ton of time and hassle (and shipping costs).  So what are the major talking points for each service? Let’s outline the basic features of Pixieset vs Shootproof!

Pricing Differences Between Pixieset and ShootProof

Difference 1: Okay, so pricing is almost the exact same for each plan tier except for the Unlimited Plan which ShootProof charges $10/month more for. So at first glance, they seem about the same in price, however, ShootProof offers a Secure Archiving and Backup feature that lets you archive galleries so that they don’t count toward your paid plan making ShootProof the better option in terms of pricing. There is a small charge of $0.04 per gigabyte per month for archiving, and it’s a great way to save a ton of money and also have a secure and reliable way to backup your photos.

Difference 2: Pixieset’s pricing is based on the size of your files. This can be a great option if you are delivering small files! The difference with ShootProof is that they offer plans based on the number of photos. So, consider that no matter the size of the file, one photo is one photo, whether that’s 979 KB or 11.4 MB. 

Want to save 20% off of ShootProof – you can click this link and use code: clique20 at checkout! Don’t worry, you can even get started for FREE and then decide to continue on or not if you like it, but just remember to use the link above and coupon code to get the discount. ShootProof offers a free trial of 14 days no credit card required! You can also test it out with the free plan and just upgrade when and if you need it. 

Difference 3: The Free version of ShootProof is actually Free, whereas Pixieset charges a 15% commission fee on store sales for their Free plan. Definitely not a make or break, just something to be aware of.

Billed Monthly Free Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Unlimited
Pixieset *Free $10 $20 $30 $50 Pixieset Websites Free $15
ShootProof Free $10 $20 $30 $60
Billed Annually
Pixieset *Free $8 $16 $24 $40 Pixieset Websites Free $12
ShootProof Free $8 $17 $25 $50

*15% Commission on print sales


Client Galleries

Pixieset client galleries are very similar to Shootproof. You can split your photos into different albums, and the layout is relatively similar, with the option to change the format.  You can also set up pricing in each for selling prints! The gallery layouts are VERY user-friendly, with clear directions and a simple look to keep the client focused on their gorgeous photos.  Downloading is simple, and they can easily share and note their favorites.

Mobile Options/Sharing

Pixieset now offers a mobile option, and allows clients to favorite, share and purchase their photos right from their mobile device. It’s a great option since many people use mobile devices more than desktops.


  • Very user-friendly and straightforward client experience.
  • Great mobile layout, with easy sharing options for social media.
  • Printing options through many major professional printing labs (commission-free).
  • Apple Pay available to clients who purchase prints.
  • Google analytics integration options to track online interaction.
  • Flexible subscription and great customer service!


  • There are no electronic contracts/model release options.
  • No music options for client slideshows.
  • Pixieset doesn’t offer client invoicing options.



Both Pixieset and ShootProof have Client Galleries, Print Fulfillment, E-Commerce, a Mobile App, Online Proofing, a Lightroom Plugin, and Social Sharing.

Client Galleries

Like I mentioned earlier, Pixieset and ShootProof are more similar than they are different when it comes to client galleries. The one major difference is that ShootProof offers a music option, which many reports help sales! For an extra $10/month, you can add the music option that will play when your client selects the “slideshow” option.  Shootproof also offers the ability to archive client galleries for a very low price, giving you more space while saving the galleries rather than deleting them altogether. You also have the ability to watermark images, which will disappear once the client is permitted to download the full high-resolution images.


Contracts/Model Releases

The one feature that really sets ShootProof apart from Pixieset is the option to be able to send and have the client send contracts and model releases. Clients and releases can be purchased directly on Shootproof through the LawTog, and range in price from $40 to $175.  This is a pricier way to go but does allow you to have it all done in one place.  Clients electronically sign and can email the completed contract back, saving time and the hassle of paper contracts.

Client Payment Options

ShootProof changed the game when they started offering client payment/invoicing options.  Please be aware that ShootProof holds any payment made by a client for a minimum of five days, so try not to be in a hurry! ShootProof also allows you to set up client discounts! For example, you can set up the option for your client to get a 50% discount on their entire gallery purchase within 48 hours. You can also invoice your client for their session fees, which can help streamline your workflow.

Mobile Options/Sharing

The difference with ShootProof is that you as the photographer create the mobile app for your client.   They can “share” the app with others on social media, but that includes all the photos. They can download their photos, but only if you choose that as an option on the “settings” page.


ShootProof has a great blog that offers a ton of marketing techniques to photographers. It’s updated regularly and sent to you via email. It’s not too much, and a great way to keep up with the newest trends and ways to improve your client experience through their services.



  • Template contracts are expensive (but you only have to purchase then contract template(s) you want to use once and then you’re all set).

So what does Pixieset do that ShootProof doesn’t?

Pixieset has full website building functionality as an add-on for an additional $12/month billed annually or $15/month billed monthly. They also have a free plan, just keep in mind you won’t be able to connect your own domain in the free plan. ShootProof isn’t a full-on website builder like Squarespace or Shopify, but you can easily integrate your ShootProof Gallery and e-commerce with your existing website if you have one or you can simply have your ShootProof Gallery, and add an about page within ShootProof.

What does ShootProof do that Pixieset doesn’t?

ShootProof has more functionality you need to actually operate and grow your business such as; email marketing & automation, the ability to have contracts signed via email (and legal contract templates you can license), reporting, secure archiving, integrations with studio management systems and other applications, phone and email support, training videos, vendor galleries, packages, gallery music, and even user permissions just for the bride. 

Email Automation

With automated emails, you can send your emails to gallery visitors at specific times for things like sale reminders, cart abandonment, gallery expiration etc. You can even target based on gallery activity (like if they favorited photos, added photos to the cart, etc.) Besides the massive time-savings of automated emails, the stats show that photographers who have email automation in place make more sales. 


No more paper contracts!! The one feature that really sets ShootProof apart from Pixieset is the option to be able to send and have the client sign contracts and model releases. If you’re not already having your clients sign their contracts electronically via email instead of dealing with paper contracts, this change alone will save you so much time and hassle. From one photographer to another, do yourself the favor of electronic contracts! ShootProofs electronic (e-signature)  contracts are included in your plan. If you go with Pixieset you can create a DocuSign account for $10-$25/month depending on how many contracts you need to be signed in a month. Contracts and releases can be purchased directly on ShootProof through the LawTog, and range in price from a one-time fee of $40 to $175, keeping everything conveniently located in one place. 

Shootproof contract page


Send documents to your clients quickly and easily by linking them together! Your client receives one email and is walked through the flow of reading and signing the contract and then paying their invoice (or the first installment on their invoice). Your clients will also have the option of enrolling in AutoPay so they never miss a bill date! Or you can enable automatic email reminders about open invoices for those who don’t select the AutoPay option. 


In-depth reporting on your Sales, Invoices, Taxes, & Gallery Visitor Data which shows you favorites and items they have in their cart. 

Permissions for the Bride

ShootProof has increased the flexibility of their free digital download options, so a photographer can create multiple “permissions.” For example, the photographer could give the bride the ability to download all, full-res files, but only allow everyone else to download 5 low-res files with a watermark. The system knows who the bride is based on her email address (once you add her as the linked contact) and will automatically give her special permissions. Whereas everyone else will get limited digital download options.

As a photographer, you can also give a linked contact (ex: the bride) the ability to select from up to six photographer generated labels. This is handy if a client needs to select images for their album, for example. You can also give the bride the ability to hide photos (such as getting ready images, or photos she’s not a fan of).

Vendor Gallery

ShootProof has  introduced the concept of a “vendor album.” This is a hidden album in a gallery that is only accessible via a specific link and can have it’s very own digital download permissions. A lot of wedding photographers will create a “Vendor Album” and give vendors the ability to download X number of full-res files for use on social media, etc. ShootProof also allows you to set up client discounts! The awesome part is anyone who attended the wedding won’t see this album. A photo can also live in multiple albums within a gallery, so the photographer does not have to upload multiple photos.

ShootProof Vendor Album


Another major difference is that ShootProof offers a music option, which many report helps sales! You can elevate your sales with music in your galleries. Imagine a movie or your wedding video without music, much harder to get into right? Music creates the emotion that spurs people to react or buy in this instance. For an extra $5-$10/month, you can add the music option that will play when your client views the slideshow in their gallery.  The music subscription is $49.99/month if you go directly through Triple Scoop Music or only $10/month going through ShootProof. That’s a total of $480-$540/year in savings on music for your photo galleries if you have ShootProof. 

Additional Nice-to-Haves with Shootproof

Secure Archiving and Backup

As mentioned earlier, ShootProof uniquely offers the ability to archive client galleries for a very low price, giving you more space while saving the galleries rather than deleting them altogether.


You can create multiple packages (which is critical to price anchoring), easy for clients to see and understand what’s included in the packages, and can limit your gallery to only sell packages if desired.

Client Discounts

As an example, you can set up the option for your client to get a 50% discount on their entire gallery purchase within 48 hours.


You also have the ability to watermark images, which will then disappear once the client is permitted to download the full high-resolution images. 

Compare Photos View  

Choosing between similar images can be tough, so this feature allows your clients to easily compare 2 images side by side so they can choose their favorite. When your client enters a gallery, they will see this option to the top right while viewing their image thumbnails.

Shootproof gallery comparison


Pixieset doesn’t have any integrations available currently. ShootProof has integrations available for Tave, 17hats, Iris Works, Light Blue, Pixifi, ShootQ, Triple Scoop Music, Kiss Books, Album Parrot, ProShow Web, ShootDotEdit, Two Bright Lights, and Studio Ninja. 


Pixieset has email support.  ShootProof has phone and email support + training videos on their website. 


Pixieset and ShootProof are both great platforms, it just depends on what stage of growth your business is in. Both platforms are around the same price, so you’re free to base your decision solely on the needs of your business. Both Pixieset and ShootProof are really solid options when it comes to client delivery methods.  It depends on how much or how little you ultimately need. Pixieset is great for straightforward delivery. It’s simple, clean and very user-friendly overall.  ShootProof is more of an all-inclusive delivery system, with the option of sending contracts and accepting payment. From personal experience, both Pixieset and ShootProof have stellar customer service, which is so important.

Pixieset is off to a good start. They have slightly more modern client galleries from a visual standpoint and it’s cool that you can build out your whole website with them as well. ShootProof is hands down more feature-rich than Pixieset, plus, they can be easily integrated with most popular studio management systems. ShootProof was the first Commission-free Client Gallery platform on the market and has come a long way since its initial days, meaning Pixieset has some substantial catching up to do when it comes to features, support, and integrations. 

If you’re just gettings started and need the simplest solution then, Pixieset could be perfect for you. If you’re looking for deeper business functionality that helps you run and grow your business and features that could save you hours of your time each day: email marketing, contracts, invoicing, open invoice reminders to clients, reporting, and so many more capabilities a growing business needs, then ShootProof is likely the better route. I ultimately went with ShootProof simply due to the electronic contract and payment options. Both options are wonderful, so check out both and see what fits your business the best!