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You signed up for a 10 day trial to our signature photography training & coaching program – Cole’s Classroom Pro. We make sure we’re extremely clear and upfront about our Cole’s Classroom Pro program but sometimes important details are overlooked or forgotten.

Both at the time of sign-up for the trial and in the welcome emails, we disclose that you can cancel at any time you wish without penalty but at the end of the trial if your account is still active you’ll automatically be renewed into the program as a monthly member. If you no longer want to remain a member and need to cancel your account you can easily do so by clicking here. In addition, you can review our terms of service here and refund policy here.

We have a great tutorial to help you get your presets installed correctly.  Click here for the tutorial.

If you don’t know where to go to login, go here:

If you forgot your username or password, you can recover and reset both thru the links on that page.

First off, thank you for your purchase.  Secondly, I am sorry you haven’t found your download link – don’t worry, we can help!

Upon any successful purchase, your download link/links are sent out right away, however, sometimes for reasons out of our control, they never make it to your inbox.

Before contacting us for a new link please check for your email by trying these steps.

  1.  Check your spam/junk folders and your Gmail Promotions folder/tab.
  2.  Your download link will be sent to the specific email that you used at checkout – please check all your email addresses.

If the email is still nowhere to be found, there is a chance there was a typo in your email or we had a system glitch.
Either way, please contact us with as much info as possible so we can quickly verify your order and issue you a new download link.

If you can provide us with your invoice showing your payment, your emails you could have used and your first and last name we can help you the fastest!

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