Couple poses can be fierce sometimes! Here are some tips to capture natural and authentic connections.

Are you struggling with posing couples? Do you want your images to combine the perfect amount of candid interactions with beautiful couples posing and placement?  I think it’s safe to say that we all want to pose our couples in a way that captures the love and connection between them and somehow keep the poses natural. Yes, there are posing guides and Pinterest boards we can look at and try to memorize but what if I teach you ways that you can incorporate into your photography that will help this process? Practicing these tips, I’m about to share will give you tools you can use in couples posing. They will also help with consistently give you natural and authentic expressions during your couple’s sessions.

Get to Know your Couples

First thing is first, you should get to know your couples. It is so important to build relationships with your clients and even more so with your couples clients. When you get to know your couple, you begin to get a sense of who they are. You can then get an understanding of how they interact with one another. You can figure out whether they are silly, lively, romantic, or quiet and reserved. Ask them how they met. Ask about the details of their engagement. Even ask what they fantasize about their future together. While you get to know them, watch their interactions and you can do this in a meeting before the session or at the actual photo shoot. Getting to know your couples will give you direction on how to get the most natural, authentic couples posing for their personality.

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Cute Couple Poses: Ask Them to Face Each Other

Now that you know a little bit about them and they know a little bit about you, let’s start shooting! Have him put his hands around her waist and pull her in tight. Remember, we want to see their connection! Putting his hands around her waist accentuates and flatters her waist. What girl doesn’t want her waist to look flattering? Then, have her put her hands softly on his shoulders. Be careful she doesn’t press her arms against his, that would smush her arm, making it look bigger (a big no-no!). Now that you have them in position have them look at each other. Take a shot! Then have him gently kiss her forehead. Take a shot! Then ask them to touch forehead to forehead and close their eyes. Take a shot! Next, have them roll their faces out, looking at the camera and laugh. Take many shots! Right there, in this one pose, you will have at least four or five different looks.

couple poses

Couples Posing: Walking Together

Now that you really have them warmed up, posing your couples will flow even easier. Walking gives your couples something to do and gives you the ability to capture beautiful and authentic connections between them. Even though walking seems easy enough, sometimes you can capture less desirable images. One tip is to have him put his hand that is opposite her into his pocket. This gives his hand something to do, and you won’t have images with his arm swinging back and forth. Believe me; you don’t want an otherwise perfect picture with his arm up in the air like he’s in school asking a question! With the other hand, he can either grab her hand or have her wrap her arm around his. Remember, we want them close to capture their connection! Now it’s time to start walking. Tell her to walk softly with one foot in front of the other having her shoulders soft and her neck nice and long. She can look down and then slowly look up at the camera, all the while, have him looking at her. She can then turn her head to look back at him. This is an excellent time for him to grab her and kiss.

couple poses

 Couples Posing: The Kiss

During couples posing, we all want to get a natural and romantic kissing shot. What we don’t want is fish lips, but that’s what we seem to get when we tell the couple to kiss. To avoid this, simply ask them to kiss with soft lips and move in slowly. Also, tell them not to kiss with their eyes open. It looks awkward! As they softly and slowly lean in for their kiss, take the shot. The moment right before the kiss seems the most romantic and you will get the sweetest kissing shots.

couple poses

Couples Posing: When Couples feel Stiff and Awkward

Let’s face it, not many people like their pictures taken and even if they do, having their love captured by a professional photographer puts the pressure on. It is our job to help make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • The first tip here is the encouragement. Once you have given them an activity, encourage your couples. Tell them how well they are doing. Say things like, wow that looks great, or you guys are naturals! This gives them feedback on how they are doing and gives them the confidence to keep going.
  • The second tip here is to have confidence in what you’re doing or asking of them. If you want him to pick her up and spin her around, tell them with confidence. Or when you want her to hop on to his back, tell them with conviction! When you have confidence, they feel that from you, which makes couples posing more relaxed and authentic.
  • The last tip for loosening up stiff and awkward couples is shown them what you want from them. If you want them to stand a certain way, show them. This will give them a visual. If you want one of them to put their weight on their back foot, show them. If you want them to pop their hip out, show them. Remember, most people are not professional models, so your clients look to you as the professional. Click here to read more about putting your clients at ease in front of a camera.

Couple Poses for Wedding Photography

A couple’s big day is also a BIG day for photographers as well. You want to make sure to get those gorgeous shots that will eventually end up on a wall or in a beautiful album, and shown to friends and family. No pressure, right? Well, a little. Making sure that your couples are relaxed is essential for getting those authentic shots of love and happiness (while getting everyone’s good side)! You definitely have to be strategic is placing your couple so they compliment one another!

Couples Posing:  Final Tip!

One last tip! After you instruct each pose, talk to your couples. Ask them questions. Ask where the met when each one of them knew they fell in love with the other, and where their first date was. As you ask these questions, have them look at each other while responding. This brings out beautiful emotion, giving you the opportunity to capture these emotions. It works every time. Happy couples posing!!

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