Bridal boudoir photos are the ultimate wedding day gift. Nothing says I love you like an album filled with classy and sensual pictures. Bridal-themed boudoir pics are becoming popular, and we think it’s a fun way of celebrating your client’s marriage or big day.

What is Wedding or Bridal Boudoir Photography?

Wedding boudoir photography is a style that focuses on intimacy and sensuality. These wedding boudoir photographs often have a sexy or erotic feel and typically showcase lingerie or suggestive outfits and poses.

A wedding boudoir or bridal photo-shoot is often meant to be a wedding gift for the groom. These wedding boudoir pictures sometimes use accessories and themes associated with the wedding.

Another popular trend is for couples to have wedding boudoir photo-shoots together before their wedding!

How To Prepare For a Shoot

As a photographer, you’ll want to thoroughly prepare for your shoot by first communicating with your client and what their vision is for their photos.

You should think of a few boudoir photography ideas. Create a list of outfits you can suggest to your client and poses you would like to try.  Taking intimate pics can be intimidating. Have your client try on different outfits to see what makes them feel good about the session, and talk with your client to give them a better idea of what will happen during the wedding boudoir shoot.

Here are a few additional tips to communicate to your client before for preparing for their wedding boudoir photography session:     

  • Avoid spray tans for at least a week.
  • Wear sunscreen to get an ideal skin tone.
  • Shop for bridal lingerie or explore regular lingerie options.
  • Get your hair cut and dyed a few days before the boudoir shoot if you want to.
  • Get a manicure and pedicure before the big day.
  • Try on different make-up looks in advance.

As a photographer, preparing for a wedding boudoir shoot is similar to preparing for a regular portrait session. A camera tethered to a laptop is a useful option since you can take care of minor edits right away and use filters to soften your model’s skin tone.

We recommend using a 35mm lens if you are shooting for your boudoir photo shoot in a small room or an 85mm lens if you want to get a blurry background effect. You should also bring a reflective umbrella or similar gear to create a soft lighting effect.

38 Wedding Boudoir Tips For Photographers

These ideas will inspire you for your wedding boudoir photo shoot!

Make Sure You’re a Match

Make sure you have experience with boudoir shoots, and if possible, with bridal-themed sessions. Go over their portfolio and make sure they ask all the questions necessary.

Ask yourself if you like their style and feel at ease with them.

Decide on the Location

Pick a place that feels private and intimate. Hotel rooms are a perfect option because you can easily get some privacy and stage the boudoir shoot on a large bed.

You can also take some beautiful boudoir photos at home to create a more intimate feel by using a space the groom will instantly recognize. Some boudoir photographers have private rooms in their studios for these sessions.

Prepare The Wardrobe

Bridal lingerie is a staple of wedding boudoir photography. You can use bridal accessories like veils, flowers, headbands, jewelry, and more.

Don’t limit yourself to bridal lingerie for your bridal boudoir shoot. You can wear regular lingerie, and even turn everyday clothes into something sexy for your boudoir photography session.

Snap Some Getting-Ready Shots

It’s best to ease into a wedding boudoir shoot at your own pace. It’s normal to feel nervous about capturing some revealing pictures.

We recommend getting started with some simple shots. You can practice posing and maybe take some fully-clothed pictures first.

Experiment with a Bath and Flowers

Capturing an intimate moment in a bathtub is a fun and sexy idea. Flowers are an original way of hiding or revealing as much as you want, and you can add some candles for a soft lighting effect. There are plenty of interesting things you can do with the reflections in the water.

Use The Groom’s Favorite Things

Your bridal boudoir pics will be a unique and memorable wedding gift. You can capture pics that feel even more personal and exciting by incorporating items that belong to your groom. A simple tie and dress shirt are a fun way of creating a sexy outfit!

woman in oversized mens shirt

This classy black and white portrait by DomKir.Photography (available under CC BY-ND 2.0) shows how versatile a man’s shirt can be.

Use the Wedding Veil

Your bridal veil can become a classy accessory when paired with lingerie. Using your veil as an accessory will instantly create the wedding-theme you are looking for.

Play with Light and Airy Fabrics

Light fabrics are fun to play with. You can use a sheer top, cotton clothes, and even a bedsheet.

You can use lighting to make light fabrics appear see-through, or play with shadows to emphasize your natural curves.

Focus on the Client’s Jewelry

You can use costume jewelry for your wedding boudoir photography session, or use a jewelry item that was a gift from the groom to create a more personal feel for the wedding boudoir session. Gold and silver will reflect light and become an interesting point of focus.

Go Burlesque

You can introduce a burlesque feel in your wedding boudoir pics by wearing masks. Masks are fun accessories that will draw attention to your eyes and lips by hiding the rest of your face. Hiding your face can help you feel less exposed and help you relax during the wedding boudoir shoot!

Get in the Water

Find a location with a pool, bathtub, or fountain so you can use water as a reflection. A picture where you touch water can feel really classy and intimate.

Use a Big Window for Gorgeous Light

Posing in front of a window will help incorporate natural light into your shoot, and you can get a sexy effect by leaning against the windowpane.

Jump in Bed

Posing on a bed is a classic idea for wedding boudoir-themed shoots. You can sit or lay down on the bed, play with different angles, and place accessories on the bed like flowers.

Incorporate Some of the Planned Wedding Flowers

You can evoke the wedding theme of the wedding boudoir shoot by using a bouquet as an accessory. It’s a wedding accessory you can simply hold or use to hide parts of your body for a suggestive effect.

Try on Over-Sized Clothes

Wearing over-sized clothes can make you feel less exposed than lingerie. You can take some very classy and sexy pics by using an over-sized shirt to reveal a shoulder.

Hop in the Car

You can make your wedding boudoir pics more memorable by taking pictures in settings your groom is familiar with, like the interior of your car!

Pin-Up Perfection

Pin-up style photo-shoots are fun, and there are plenty of flattering poses and outfit options if you want to emphasize your curves.

Beautiful Reflections

You can create a beautiful aesthetic effect by using a large mirror in your boudoir shoot. You can capture the reflection of the bride, or use the mirror to capture the front and back and really showcase the lingerie she is wearing.

woman in mirror reflection

This portrait by Tif Pic (available under CC BY-ND 2.0) illustrates how you can create an interesting effect with symmetry.

Go Old School Vintage

Pairing vintage lingerie like corsets or garter belts with a classic black and white style is the perfect recipe for a classy wedding photo session.

Capturing a silhouette and leaving the rest to the imagination can be really sexy. You can play with light and shadow to emphasize the bride’s silhouette, or even hang a bed sheet to capture her shadow.

Hit the Lights

Proper lighting is key for setting the kind of soft atmosphere you would expect from a boudoir shoot. Soft lighting will make the bride’s skin tone look great, and colored lights can complement her lingerie and create a unique atmosphere. Avoid harsh lighting, and don’t hesitate to play with shadows to hide or reveal things.

Pose on the Balcony

You can add variety by taking a boudoir photo outside on the balcony. Using natural light will add a new dimension to the images, and taking pics in a semi-public place can be exciting.

Go Traditional with Flower Hats

Flower hats are traditional wedding accessories. You can turn them into the perfect alluring accessory by pairing them with lingerie.

Delicate Rose Petals

Rose petals are a classic way of creating a beautiful and romantic feel for a boudoir photo. You can use them to introduce color in your pics or to create a romantic theme in a room that would otherwise seem bland.

As a Gift

Bridal boudoir pics are a great wedding gift. It’s something clients can give the groom after the ceremony, or on the first big day of their honeymoon.

We recommend planning the boudoir shoot a week or so before the wedding. It will be an occasion to take a break from their wedding prep to have fun and relax.

bed with window light

With the right lighting, a hotel room can feel soft and intimate, as illustrated by this photograph from ManuelaJaeger (Pixabay License).

Sexy Heels

Boudoir photos are an occasion to showcase the shoes your client plans on wearing for their wedding day, and wearing a sexy pair of pumps is a great way of drawing attention to their legs and ankles.

bed with high heels

We like this boudoir photo idea by Allisson H (available under CC BY-ND 2.0) because it’s an occasion to showcase an item from your wedding day.

Make Client’s Comfortable

Is your client nervous about the wedding boudoir shoot? Tell them to bring their maid of honor or another close friend will help them feel more confident.

Wear Loose Clothing before the Shoot

Your client’s skin needs to look good for the wedding boudoir photography shoot. Tell them to avoid wearing tight clothes that would restrict blood flow and leave red marks on their skin!

Professional Make-Up

Professional make-up will take your bridal boudoir shoot to the next level. Book a professional make-up artist to create a soft and beautiful look before the wedding shoot.

makeup tools

Discuss the Final Result

It’s important to communicate about what you expect from the bridal boudoir shoot and what kind of pictures you would like to create.

The client will probably have a few bridal boudoir photography ideas and bring some accessories, but keep in mind that the boudoir shoot is about making your client feel beautiful and empowered.

Outsource Photo Editing

Photo editing is an important part of the bridal boudoir photography process. It can even out your skin tone, hide imperfections, and result in a boudoir shoot that looks more professional. Consider outsourcing your boudoir photo editing to a professional who specializes in editing.

Think About Food

Bring some water to stay hydrated and some snacks for a quick energy boost. Nuts and fruits will keep you going.

Show Examples of Photos You Like

Save some boudoir photos ahead of your Boudoir Photography photo-shoot, and show them to your client. Explain what you like about the wedding images, and show them the poses you would like to reproduce.

Relax Your Hands

If this is your client’s first wedding boudoir photography photo-shoot, you might be unsure of what to do with their hands. Their hands can reflect your nervousness and cause them to seem awkward if they don’t know what to do with them.

Tell your client to relax their hands, and choose poses where your hands will have something to do. They can play with their hair, hold an accessory, lightly tug on their clothes, or rest on a surface.

Accentuate the Eyes

Their eyes and expression can make their pictures appear even more appealing and intimate. Suggest a make-up look that will accentuate their eyes and choose poses and angles that will draw attention to their eyes.

Choose the Right Angle

Working with a high camera angle is usually more flattering. You can use a three-quarter angle to emphasize their curves rather than standing directly in front of them.

Pose Your Back and Hips Properly

Posture is very important when capturing sensual pictures for Boudoir Photography. Remember to tell your clients to keep their shoulders back and to put their chest forward to get a beautiful boudoir photo.

Tilting their hips can create a sensual effect. They can move your hips further or closer to the camera, depending on whether you want to emphasize them or appear slimmer.

Posing Your Legs

Folding their legs will create a beautiful S-shape that is very popular in female portraiture and boudoir photography. When standing up, keep their weight on one foot and cross the other leg behind or in front of them, depending on whether you want to emphasize their waist or not.

When lying down, cross the leg that is further away from the camera on top of the other to make their legs seem longer and do the opposite if you want to accentuate their curves.

Additional Considerations

Here are a few additional questions to consider.

What Can You Do with Boudoir Photography?

There are different options available for displaying your bridal boudoir pictures. Boudoir Photography Albums are a popular option due to the private nature of these wedding photos. Think about customizing it by adding text or mementos!

You can opt to have some of your wedding photos framed as wall art, or get a customized box to stack your prints.

Where Can I Buy a Wedding Boudoir Outfit?

We recommend shopping for bridal lingerie to achieve a classic look for your boudoir photo shoot. Bridal lingerie can spice up your honeymoon and help you shoot amazingly sensual wedding pics. Here are a few brands we recommend for wedding boudoir photography:

How Much Does a Wedding Session Cost?

A bridal boudoir photography session can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000. Photographers typically offer wedding shoot packages.

What Is the Best Way to Edit Wedding Boudoir Pics?

If you use Adobe Lightroom, there are a number of free presets that you can apply to your shots to achieve a classic wedding boudoir look. Here are the best presets to use for editing wedding shoots:

  • Soft skin
  • B&W essential
  • Contrast warm
  • White balance
  • Cold shadows


Bridal boudoir photography is becoming popular because these wedding photo-shoots are fun, and your bride and groom will absolutely love this option for their wedding. We hope the tips we listed above will inspire you and help you shoot some amazing wedding photos!

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