Giving Away Your Love: The Importance of Photography Passion Projects with KT Merry.


Episode 19: Show Notes.

Established by photographer KT Merry as a means of creating connections across species and borders, Render Loyalty seeks to support solutions to the perils facing our world’s animals. KT Merry is a destination wedding photographer who is lucky enough to work beside her husband and business partner, Chad. Their goal is to use their skills and passions to leave the world a bit more beautiful than when they found it. Whether that is telling a story of a once in a lifetime wedding day, or sharing images that shed light on issues of global importance, it’s the work that they are honored to do. In this episode, KT tells us more about how she likes to gives back to conservancy projects, and why it is so important to her. She also gives us ideas on how we can give back as photographers and the importance of photography passion projects. Don’t miss this episode!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • KT explains how she got into photography after taking a photography class in school.
  • The magic of photography was planted in KT’s mind in the darkroom.
  • The journey of KT’s career, from fashion photographer’s assistant to luxury destination wedding photographer.
  • Joys of the job include travel, and experiencing wedding celebrations in different cultures.
  • KT’s passion project, Render Loyalty, and doing her bit to give back and save the planet.
  • Hear KT’s experience of visiting conservancies in Africa and photographing animals.
  • One of the misconceptions about charity is that there’s no time to do it – you can start small.
  • Charity has been a meaningful way to tie KT’s values of giving back into the business.
  • Advice for photographing animals – start doing it, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • How KT’s wildlife photography complements her lavish destination wedding photography.
  • KT’s favorite location she has travelled to is East Africa, Kenya specifically.


“There is, to me, nothing that is more beautiful than really being able to observe nature in all its glory, and Africa is certainly an amazing example of that.” — @ktmerry [0:06:42]

“That is what our work is all about, is always pushing yourself a little bit outside of that comfort zone and just seeing what works and doesn’t. I think most often we’re pleasantly surprised by how great it works out or what we learned in the process.” — @ktmerry [0:10:40]

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