Let’s Get Organized! Managing Content Calendars, Social Media Scheduling, and More! With Mandy Liz


Marketing ourselves on social media can feel overwhelming with many asking themselves — “where should I start, what should I post, and how can I drive engagement with my audience?” In today’s episode, we chat to photographer and personal brand expert Mandy Liz about how you can get organized and start posting content that gets attention and boosts your revenue. After talking about her professional background, Mandy dives into how she builds her content calendar workflow. We touch on outsourcing parts of your content management before exploring how you can use content themes to fill out your calendar with posts that add value to your audience. Mandy then discusses which platforms you should focus on and how you can curate content pieces to fit on multiple platforms. Later, she shares the common mistakes that people make on Instagram along with her top tips on getting people to engage with your content. Tune in to hear about Mandy’s tried and tested branding techniques that will help you stand out in the most saturated markets. 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing photographer and brand expert Mandy Liz.
  • Hear about Mandy’s professional journey and background.
  • Why none of your experience is wasted in your photography business.
  • How to approach social media without it being overwhelming.
  • The benefits of outsourcing some of your social media work.
  • Top tools to plan your content and social media calendar.
  • Using content themes to fill out your calendar.
  • Figuring out which social media platforms you should make the most use of. 
  • Curating the same content piece to fit on multiple platforms. 
  • Top tips and tricks to drive engagement for your posts. 
  • The importance of ‘showing up’ and engaging on Instagram.
  • How branding helps you to stand out in a saturated market.


“Depending on what part of social media you struggle with, like scheduling or writing the captions, you can find which part is your pain point and outsource that.” — @MandyLizPhoto [0:07:46]

“Where is your client showing up? How do they want to receive information? Your answers should guide which social platform you use and what content you post.” — @MandyLizPhoto [0:14:02]

“I used to have a spreadsheet of Instagram accounts that I would engage with. Now I save a post from an account and whenever I have time to kill, I go and engage with the latest post from that account.” — @MandyLizPhoto [0:19:56]

“I would rather have 10 loyal followers than have 10,000 people that never buy from me. So you don’t have to have big numbers to see big results on Instagram.” — @MandyLizPhoto [0:21:22]

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