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“I recently spent a ridiculous amount of money on “decent,” presets. I absolutely love yours and they were free. Thank you so much!” -Dana H.

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The Crisp, Clean, Color Lightroom preset is probably one of the most popular presets on the internet! It takes your image and gives it the perfect boost it needs! You can use these presets on any type of photo, from a wedding gallery to a family portrait session. They are versatile and very user friendly!

It will brighten, deepen and clean the color to make sure that your photos pop! See for yourself below! In combination with the rest of the preset collection, you’ll be well on your way to more professional photos in a matter of a few seconds. It’s hard to beat that!

best free lightroom presets

These FREE Lightroom presets are designed to give you a tremendous amount of creative variety with the simplicity of only 1-click!

Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of time you spend behind the computer, editing photos rather than behind the camera shooting?  If so, I have news for you, I’ve been there. It used to take me HOURS to edit a gallery.  Luckily for me, over the years of working within Lightroom editing photos, I’ve been able to cut down my post processing photography workflow thanks the best Lightroom presets.

My ultimate goal was to create Lightroom presets that actually work, and then share it! I’ve literally spend hours upon hours coming up with different free Lightroom presets that have been fine tuned that give my images a different “look” or “feel” depending on what exactly I am looking for and fits the photo best.

And these are perfect for bridal, wedding, even prom pictures!

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Free Lightroom Presets

I am here to help you get your life back from the digital dark room!

My 100% free Lightroom presets starter pack will work flawlessly for both Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, 6 and Lightroom CC! My brand new free Lightroom Presets Collection, features 15 of the best free presets for different looks and edits that are designed to give you creative versatility with 1-click simplicity!

Take a look at the best free Lightroom presets examples below to see the variety of looks that can be achieved with just one easy step.

From black and white presets, to deep pops of color presets… I have a set of 15 Adobe Lightroom presets that covers it all. The great thing about these Lightroom presets is that you can tweak each particular photo to get the EXACT look you’re after. It literally takes seconds to apply these Lightroom presets, versus the minutes it was probably taking you before.

Scroll down below to see my sample photo gallery with these best free Lightroom presets!

What are Lightroom Presets?

Adobe Lightroom presets are simply a set of multiple editing adjustments that have been saved for easy reuse and duplication on future photos. Using these free presets for Lightroom, with only 1-click of the mouse, rather than repeating all of the needed steps, you can take to the next level and create a photo you love within seconds.

Adobe Lightroom presets can be utilized to not only help your editing workflow become faster, but Lightroom presets also give your final images a more consistent look. Consistency in your photos builds trust with your clients, and will ultimately get you more photography business!

These free Lightroom presets can be applied to one image, and then synched to the rest of the gallery within Lightroom! This means your photo editing time will DRASTICALLY be reduced with these Lightroom presets. In fact, professional photographers are writing me saying they are able to edit entire galleries in roughly 30 minutes thanks to these Lightroom presets! This is huge!

Another reason that these free Lightroom presets can be so useful is that Lightroom presets are a great learning tool! You will most likely get used to seeing your editing panel change with these free presets for Lightroom or Lightroom CC, making it easier to understand how the look of your photos change.

Free Lightroom Presets

How to Get My Free Lightroom Presets

free lightroom presets

My free Lightroom Presets Collection is available to you as an immediate download. All you have to do is sign up with your email right here and the Lightroom presets will be sent directly to your inbox for free. These presets are easy to install, and you’ll be using them within minutes, even in Lightroom CC! Let me help you streamline your editing process with presets!

You will receive a welcome email along with a video showing you how to easily install the best free Lightroom presets.

Thanks so much for stopping by and grabbing your free Lightroom Presets!

I hope you love these Lightroom presets as much as I loved creating them for you. Leave me comments below and tell me how these free presets work for you! I’d love to hear your feedback so I can improve future ones I create! Can’t wait to hear from you all!

Rock on,

Here are some sample photos using our free Lightroom presets collection!


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