Spending a day at the beach is an opportunity to relax and have fun with your loved ones. If you’re looking for some family picture ideas that will keep you busy, we recommend planning a beach creative family photo-shoot so you can bring home plenty of family beach creative pictures.

Here are a few creative ideas to capture amazing beach creative family pictures.

How to Plan a Family Beach Photography Session

There’s plenty of things you can do as a portrait photographer. Do a few tests before capturing your family portrait. Take a picture of the beach to see what the light and colors look like. Try different camera settings.

Think about the composition of your family picture. The image of a beach will provide a means of having a horizontal line in your composition. A lot of creative beach photography ideas use the rule of thirds and incorporate the horizon line.

Tips Before a Session

Your beach creative family photo-shoot will go smoothly if you get everyone’s attention and encourage them to try creative poses.

You can prepare in advance and decide on some poses, or bring some accessories to try different picture ideas.

Send Over Some Outfit Ideas

Your creative beach photography ideas will look fun if your subjects wear matching outfits. Here are a few creative picture ideas any portrait photographer can explore.

Neutral Colors That Aren’t Too Matchy

Mixing white and another neutral color will make for some amazing pictures on the beach. Creative beach photography ideas to explore include gray, tan, or navy.

Soft Pink or Crisp White for an Airy Look

You can add a touch of color to your family beach creative photography with some pink clothes or accessories. Pick a soft pink color that will go well with white. You can have the women dress in pink and the men in white for creative beach family picture ideas.

little girl in pink dress twirling on the beach

Bright and Fun Accessories

If you’re looking for additional beach photography ideas, we recommend mixing white or another pastel color in your picture with a few bright accessories. Having each person pick a colorful accessory will result in a vibrant picture!

White Outfits

White outfits will make for a classic beach photography shoot. White will stand out in your creative beach photography ideas, but make sure that the entire family doesn’t wear all white! That can be a little too much!

Creative Beach Photography Ideas for Families

There are a lot of possibilities and picture ideas for posing on a beach. Here are some creative portrait photography ideas.

Spectacular Sparklers

Light photography will make your beach family picture more fun! Have family members hold sparklers if you want some creative beach photography ideas for an evening beach family photo-shoot.

The Classic Shoe Shot

Our favorite creative beach photography ideas include capturing pictures of everyone’s shoes side by side on the beach. Not all beach family pictures ideas have to include human subjects!

Dive Under the Pier

There are some interesting locations to explore during a beach family photo-shoot. If you want to break away from classic beach pictures ideas, take a few shots of your family sitting under a pier.

Go For a Casual Stroll

The best creative beach photography ideas for a beach photo-shoot include some action shots. Use a wide-angle lens to capture a stunning photo of the beach and have your family stroll through that landscape.

Write Names in the Sand

Think about writing in the sand when capturing pictures on the beach. You can write the date, your last name, or the word ‘family.’

Heart Framed Family

You can bring a wooden heart frame and have someone hold it in front of your camera for a beach family photo. Other fun picture ideas include having someone form a heart with their hands in front of your camera.

Capture a Sun Flare

If you’re looking for some aesthetic ideas for your beach pictures, think about capturing a lens flare effect. You can get a sun flare effect for your pictures by keeping an object between your camera and the sun to partially hide it and trying different aperture settings.

mother and child watching beach sunset

Splish Splash

Don’t hesitate to get your toes wet! There’s plenty of family fun to build! You can take some creative beach pictures of family members splashing or walking in the water.

A Quick Running Shot

Use fast shutter speed to capture fun running pictures. Action shots are creative beach ideas if there are a lot of children in your family. Have them run across the beach so you can get fun family running pictures.

A New Perspective

There are plenty of beach creative ideas to explore if you want to play with perspective since a beach gives you plenty of space to stage your creative beach pictures. You can create the illusion that your family is coming out of a giant bucket by placing a toy bucket in the foreground and having family members pose a few feet away!

family walking on beach

The Gorgeous Sunset and Sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises are staples of beach photography. If you want some colorful beach photo ideas, think about capturing pictures on the beach with silhouettes of your family members against a sunset or sunrise.

Jump for Joy

If you want some creative beach photography ideas that will result in pictures on the beach full of life and energy, you should try capturing a jumping shot! Use a signal to have family members jump in the air at the same time while you take the picture.

Beach Photography Tips to Keep Your Photos Looking Great

These creative beach photography tips and beach creative fun ideas will help you get better results:

  • Be careful with your gear. Don’t change your lens at the beach, and watch out for sand since it could ruin your camera.
  • Backlight can wash out your subject in your beach pictures. Plan your photo-shoot for the middle of the day to reduce backlight.
  • Play with exposure. There is plenty of open space on a beach, and you can play with exposure to get a silhouette effect for your beach family.
  • Encourage family members to wear white and bright colors that will reflect light. For beach photography, subjects could be hard to notice if they wear darker colors.

Some Extra Family Picture Ideas

Here a few additional creative ideas for your pictures on the beach.

  • Can You Make Some Money From Your Session?

If your family members are comfortable with it, you can use photography sites to earn advertising fees and share your beach family images and picture ideas. You can decide to retain copyright 2020 on your beach family images or use a license that makes your pictures on the beach free to use.

You can also look into launching a photography blog for your picture ideas, registering as services LLC associates, and earning money through affiliate links for creative beach photography gear or the accessories you use in your picture ideas!


If you’re looking for family photos fun ideas, the best thing to do is to encourage family members to have fun and capture some action shots. In terms of fun ideas, you could start a water fight, plan a family volleyball game, play football, or have children play a game of tag to capture some fun and creative beach pictures.

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