Artist In Your Own Home: Improve your Photography by Practicing in Your Own House!

Have you ever felt constricted in your ability to learn and grow in your photography because you don’t have access to high-end workshops or expensive photography classes? Maybe your time is limited, and you want to increase your skill set, but you don’t have the energy or the time required to be venturing out on photography walks and exploring exciting venues to capture great photos.

I understand the feeling!

When I began my photography journey two years ago, I had an 18-month old and a three year old. I was eager to learn photography, but I was tied to the demanding life of parenting very young children: the necessary routines of mealtimes, play dates, and nap schedules. As much as I dreamed of whisking my kids off to dreamy locations and photographing them in costumed, pre-planned scenes, it just wasn’t going to happen.  My circumstances required me to learn my craft within the walls of my own home. While this felt restricting at times, I believe that it cultivated disciplines in me that have made a great impact on my growth as a photographer.  These are just a few of the ways that I believe practicing the art of photography in your own home, during your everyday life, can help you grow as an artist.

It compels you to be an observer of your environment.

Improve your Photography

When you photograph a subject or objects within your own home, you begin to look for interest in places that seem ordinary, or that you may not have considered before.  For example, my kids love reading in my bed, but for the longest time it didn’t occur to me to photograph them there.

Or this shot of my daughter, sitting quietly by as I began to pack up our house for a recent out of state move.

Photo 2_Artist in Home

I’m so glad I captured this! It documents an otherwise fleeting moment in the midst of such a big transition for our family.

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It teaches you to work with what you have.
Improve your Photography

Every photographer loves an ideal and striking location to shoot in. If you’re anything like me, you observe your surroundings in terms of how feasible they would be for a photo session. I have often had photographers tell me, “But I don’t like my house, I’d never want to photograph it!” The reality is, sometimes we have to shoot in less-than-ideal situations, and we need to learn how to work with what we have to make the best of it. The limitations of your home aren’t going anywhere. Learn to work with them, and even make them work for you!

Photo 4_Artist in Home

It trains you to look for a new perspective.

Photo 5_Artist in Home
Photo 6_Artist in Home

Don’t be afraid to try the unexpected! I would encourage you to try out new perspectives to photograph in your home. Try shooting from up high.
Then get down on the ground and photograph from there.

Find ways to tell the story with your image. Be creative in your delivery!

Photo 7_Artist in Home

In this photo, my son was lost in a world of imagination. I wanted the photo to give the viewer my perspective of peeking in on him. Utilizing the wall and door-frame in the foreground gave the image that very feeling, while creating negative space to draw your eye right to him.

I encourage you to take out your camera in your own house and photograph the world you live in. No matter how you feel about the backdrop of your home, remember: A good location helps, but capturing your subject in an artistic and evoking way can happen no matter the scene. Put on fresh eyes, and allow your skillset to grow as you and refuse to be limited by your surroundings and learn to be an artist in your very own home!

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