[fusion_text]For many people the idea of flash is a scary one.  We have all seen those photos with extremely harsh and ugly lighting when using the flash on our cameras so naturally many photographers get nervous about the idea of using flash in their photography. I am here today to tell you to not be scared,

on-camera flash doesn’t have to be complicated!

In today’s on-camera flash video tutorial I am going to show you the most commonly used technique for on-camera flash that will give your photos beautiful soft lighting and a perfect mix of ambient room lighting and the lighting from your flash.  The technique is called “bouncing flash” and refers to pointing the flash at something, other than your subjects, to bounce the flash off of that object (like a wall or ceiling) and then onto your subject.  In doing so, we create a larger light source which yields softer light for us.

Some key elements to remember with this technique are:

  • You will need an external flash.  One of these (Nikon) or one of these (Canon)
  • Point flash head straight up at ceiling to bounce flash
  • Set camera to manual mode and have settings around: f/4, 1/50th, ISO 400 – then fine tune  shutter speed to fine tune the balance between your on-camera flash lighting & the ambient lighting in the room.
  • The slower the shutter speed the more ambient light you will let into your image and vice versa

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Thank you!

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