Personal branding photography is a newer way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build their brand and online presence. Professional branding photos will show off your client’s unique personalities and help them grow their brand and business.

Why is it important to have personal branding photos?

The days of posting beautifully curated photos on your social media are coming to an end. People want to connect with you before investing in your business. The easiest way to connect with your ideal client is to invest in personal branding so that clients have more than one “good headshot” to remember you. 

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What are some strategies I can use to price my personal branding photography?

Prices for a branding photography session range from $100 to more than $1,000 depending on the services you offer and the area you live in.

The best strategy is to figure out your cost of doing business, income goals, and the experience you have in the industry. 

You’ll want to know your cost of doing business before you can move onto pricing strategies

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What should I consider when pricing my personal branding photography packages?

Once you know your cost of doing business, you can start pricing your packages. One important thing to consider when thinking about your price range is the amount of time you will be spending on your sessions.

With personal branding photography, a lot of the planning will be done before the session takes place. That process will look something like this:

1. You’ll connect with a client who is in need of a personal branding session.

2. Then you’ll send them a questionnaire to gather more information.

3. And finally you’ll call to discuss further details.

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Other components you should consider when pricing your personal branding photography services is your equipment, online gallery like ShootProof, shooting space, props, and post-editing process. The price of your session should include every detail that will go into the overall experience of what you offer your potential clients. 

Entrepreneurs aren’t experts on personal branding photography but you are, and this is why they will hire you.

Know your cost of doing business, services and find a strategy that works best for your income goals. Once you have that in the bag, your clients won’t stop raving about their branding photography experience with you!

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