Ever wonder what essential pieces of information you need on your photography website? Here’s a checklist of our six must-haves!

There are some key pieces of information that every photographer should have on their professional photography website. Sometimes when were are first starting to put everything together, we forget to include some really necessary elements. Here’s our checklist for what you should be including on your website to make sure your maximizing your client experience!

1. Location!

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This kind of seems like a no brainer, but it’s something that a LOT of photographers overlook.  Your location needs to be front and center on your first page.  People want to make sure that they are looking for a photographer in their area.  It’s pretty common that people, when searching for services online, will only spend an average of 20-30 seconds on a website before moving on (apparently we have pretty short attention spans). And let’s face it, people aren’t going to search and search or email you for your location if it’s not easy to spot.  This is a small change that can make a decent impact!

2. Contact Page

You contact page needs to be easy to use, clear and functioning. We recommend sending yourself a test at least once a month to make sure that your contact page is working properly.  We don’t want potential contacts to send an email to the blackhole of space, never to be seen again.  It’s never a bad idea to also have your email and phone number listed separately on your contact page. That way, IF your contact page isn’t functioning properly, they have the second chance of emailing you directly.  If you don’t feel comfortable using your personal phone number, you can also use Google or Skype and pay a small fee for a “business” phone number that forwards to your personal number.

You can also add “contact” buttons throughout your website so it’s easy for your clients to go directly to that page.

3. About Me Section

This is a great chance to make a good first impression! People want to know who they are going to hang out with on their wedding day, or who they are going to invite into their home.  We’ve all read the typical stuff like, “I picked up a camera when I was three and decided I wanted to be a photographer.”  That’s great, but people want to get to know YOU.  They already can assume that you love photography.

Maybe do a top 10 list of fun facts, tell an intriguing story about your life, or talk about your kids! People crave connection, so draw them in by being authentic and relatable.  This is when knowing who your ideal client is key.  If you’re targeting moms with young kids, talk about how you spend part of your day hiding in the bathroom or reheating your coffee.  When clients like you personally, it goes SO much further than you think. Be yourself, and you will be surprised how much that resonates with your potential clients!

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This is a section on my “About Me” page, as an example.


-The first night I met my husband, I witnessed him do a somersault on the dancefloor (completely sober, mind you)…and I literally said, “Oh my God, I’d be so embarrassed to be his girlfriend.”

-I thought having kids meant I would automatically know how to cook. This is false.

-My two toddlers are SICK of my camera, which is essentially why I had to start a photography business.

-I hide in the bathroom regularly with my reheated coffee.

-My 94-year-old grandma is my best friend, and we are CONSTANTLY laughing. You can read more about her HERE.

-I listen to like five audiobooks a month! Much easier/faster when you have two babies.

-My life currently revolves around cleaning, cutting up fruits/veggies, laundry, and frantically searching the house for ballet shoes.

-I could eat 15 macarons a day, but I usually only eat about 10.

-I’m obsessed with everything colorful (if you can’t tell) and everything French.

4. 10-15 Portfolio Photos

Every photography website needs a portfolio where your clients can see your work. In order to not overwhelm your potential client, or bog down your website, so keep it to your best 10-15 images.  This allows you to really curate and showcase your very best work. Constantly updating your portfolio keeps things fresh and means you’re always improving your site! It’s a win all around!

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5. Testimonials

Ok, I wouldn’t say this is a necessity, but testimonials establish a bit more credibility. After every session, paid or not, ask that your clients leave a review on your Facebook, or email on directly to you. I find that when you deliver a great client experience, people are more than willing to help by writing a 30-second review. Throw those up on your website! You can always add or remove as you get more. Read this in-depth tutorial for tips on getting more photography clients!

6. A Blog

Blogs are a really great way that clients can get to know you. When people can relate, they are more likely to trust you to take photos of them.  You can be as personal or professional as you’d like, but it is well known that when you add a personal post on occasion it drives more traffic and gets people interested in your personal life. People are rooting for you!

A great tool for creating really professional blog posts is Blogstomp! This software allows you to connect directly to your blog platform and write/add photos all in one step.

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I know it can seem overwhelming when you are first starting out and think you need to become a professional overnight.  If you’re just starting out and haven’t built your photography website yet, here’s a quick guide to doing it in five minutes! Websites are the best platform to showcase your work, as things are constantly changing with social media algorithms.

Remember that if you are a member of Cole’s Classroom Pro, you can get a website review by Cole’s professional mentors!