Quick Tips for Using Instagram to Market Your Photography Business!

“It’s important to keep up with all the top social media sites to continue to stay connected to our clients and future clients”

Social media is one of the most powerful tools we have as business owners. For years Facebook has been the number one social media tool, but with new changes it’s getting harder to reach our fans without paying for it. Facebook started as a social networking site for college students and has since grown to include all ages. With more and more moms, grandma, dads, aunts, uncles, church leaders and teachers on Facebook, the younger crowd has started taking their social interactions elsewhere, like Twitter and Instagram.

It’s important to keep up with all the top social media sites to continue to stay connected to our clients and future clients. As a photo and video-sharing social media app, Instagram is a perfect place for photographers! The best part about Instagram is that it is so simple. There’s only one type of sharing unlike other social media sites where there is link sharing, sharing pictures, retweets, statuses, etc. Every photo or video on Instagram fits in a little square with a few lines for captioning or tagging. Also, this app guarantees that every one of your followers will see your posts. If you don’t already have an account, sign up now and read some of my Instagram tips below!

Use Hashtags

If you don’t understand them, hashtags can be annoying and hard to read, but they are a great tool for organization and exposure.

  • Use hashtags on every post (maximum 30)
  • Keep your hashtags relevant to your post instead of generic hashtags like #igers or #followforfollow. These lead to irrelevant spam likes and followers.
  • Use broad hashtags (still relevant) #senior #family #love #wedding
  • Use specific hashtags #venuename #highschoolname #classof #date
  • Make hashtags for your business to help you stay organized and get people talking #kyleeannphotography #kabride
  • Hashtags don’t always need a purpose! Have fun with them. (Must watch)
  • Avoid banned hashtags like #iphone or #instagram or your hashtag privileges will be taken away

Keep It Consistent

Just like a blogging and Facebook pages, you must keep your posts consistent. A dead Instagram means you don’t have any clients or you can’t keep up with what you do have. At minimum, try to post weekly. You also don’t want to post too much. The unspoken rule of Instagram is 1-2 posts max per day. There are exceptions, but the point is LIMIT. This teaches us to be selective, creative and interesting. When you want to share more, post to a blog!
Tips for How to use instagram

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Add your website or blog to profile

The only spot for a hyperlink on Instagram is under your Instagram profile. Make sure you take advantage of this! Finding your portfolio or blog should be as easy as possible for your followers. When you announce a blog post on Instagram mention “link in profile” to direct people to your post.
social media marketing tips for businesses

Follow and interact with others

The more you give, the more you will get back. Follow your clients, your friends and family, your fellow photographers and other Industry professionals. Make sure you are using Instagram to scroll through their posts as well as posting your own and don’t forget to leave comments on and like their photos.
Instagram Marketing for Photographers

Link your account to your other social media accounts

When you post on Instagram, you can also share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and your other social media accounts. Link as many as you have so you can keep all of them updated at once!

Use Apps

I’m just as picky with my iPhone pictures as my regular pictures so I choose to edit and clean up photos before I post on Instagram. My favorite apps are VSCOcam and InstaSize. Scroll through the App store to find editing apps that fit your style.

What about you?  Are you a fellow “Instagrammer” let me know a bit about yourself and your profile name in the comments below! I’d love to see you on instagram! @kyleeannphotos

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