Need a new online gallery delivery system for your clients? Here is a comprehensive ShootProof review just for you!

So you have either decided to ditch the USBs or better yet, CDs, and you’ve heard all about online gallery delivery systems for clients.  Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s our complete ShootProof review, tailored to the modern photographer.  We are going to go from the basic features, all the way to the detailed options that ShootProof offers their customers. If you’re new to ShootProof, you came at the right time, as they have just overhauled their system, adding a ton of new great stuff! Let’s get down to business with our ShootProof review!


ShootProof is now offering a 14-day FREE trial, which is a great way to get familiar with their plans! If you pay upfront for a yearly plan, you can also get significant savings.

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Don’t worry, you can even get started for FREE and then decide to continue on or not if you like it, but remember to use the link above and coupon code to get the discount.

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ShootProof offers plans based on the number of photos, which is different (and better in my opinion) than many other online gallery systems. So, consider that no matter the size of the file, one photo is one photo, whether that’s 972 KB or 12.7 MB. It just makes the whole thing straightforward if you’re not a math genius. You can also upgrade your plan as you go, meaning you can start small at a 1,500 plan and increase as your business grows! ShootProof also gives the cool option to archive your images for a small fee. They hold on to them, and you pay a nominal fee for storage. If your clients ever want access to their photos, you can unarchive the images and don’t have to search for them on your hard drive! The best part is, it’s a GREAT backup plan. If ever your photos are lost, you can easily access them with this feature!

Online Gallery

ShootProof’s online gallery is VERY user-friendly. You can sort photos, add separate albums (which is handy for a wedding)! You can directly add contacts, see the last time your client visited the gallery, and easily share with multiple clients.  The best part is that you can preview the gallery JUST as your client will see it when they receive their email. You can add watermarks to each photo (and customize the size and placement). The watermark can be set to be removed when your client downloads their high-resolution digitals. Another AMAZING (and new) feature is that you can have the photos set to “resize!” THIS IS HUGE. It will save you time, by allowing you to upload ONE high-resolution image, that Shootproof can deliver in social media size! SCORE.

Shootproof Review

Delivery to Clients

Shootproof review

Once you’re finished uploading your photos and set all of your settings, you can customize an email to your clients that have a beautiful cover page! You clients simple click “open gallery” and it takes them to a page where they can view and download their images.

The overall aesthetic of ShootProof is excellent. You choose one featured image that they see as soon as they click their custom link (which can be password protected).  Once you do that, you get a tiled view of all the images, with the option to run a slideshow. Clients can also “favorite” their pictures, which the photographer can see.

Shootproof gallery review

Client Payments

ShootProof changed the game when they started offering client payment/invoicing options through PayPal (standard PayPal fees apply).  Please be aware that ShootProof holds any payment made by a client for a minimum of five days, so try not to be in a hurry! ShootProof also allows you to set up limits to downloads, so for example, you can set it that your client can only download 5/15 images from their gallery!

Contract Options

ShootProof give the option to send and receive contracts and model releases. Clients and releases can be purchased directly on ShootProof through the LawTog, and range in price from $40 to $175 (which is a little high in my opinion, but I’m also not a lawyer). Clients electronically sign and can email the completed contract back, saving time and the hassle of paper contracts. I’ll be honest; I don’t love this feature. I have found it confusing to customize the contracts, and for the price, haven’t used the contract option because it’s just too much of a hassle.

Custom Options

ShootProof allows you to add your custom logo and choose your colors that will be displayed to your clients. You can see the preview immediately! Pretty neat!

Shootproof Online Gallery

Other new fun features are that you can set the number of downloads in a gallery. You set all of these great options in “gallery settings.”

Shootproof review

ShootProof also offers the ability to archive client galleries for a very low price, giving you more space while saving the galleries rather than deleting them altogether.

How ShootProof Stands out From the Rest

  • ShootProof has increased the flexibility of their free digital download options so that a photographer can create multiple “permissions.” For example, the photographer could give the bride the ability to download all, full-res files, but only allow everyone else to download five low-res files with a watermark. The system knows who the bride is based on her email address (once you add her as the linked contact) and will automatically give her special permissions. Whereas everyone else will get the limited digital download options.
  • ShootProof has an iPad app for photographers to collect email addresses at a wedding/event that automatically sync with their ShootProof account, so you can email all attendees when they photos are ready which is an excellent tool for increasing print sales.
  • They also offer the option of automated emails so you can send our emails to gallery visitors at specific times for things like sale reminders, cart abandonment, gallery expiration, etc. You can target based on gallery activity (like if they favorited photos, added photos to the cart, etc.)
  • They are integrated with some studio management platforms(17Hats, Tave, ShootQ, Pixifi, Iris Works, Studio Ninja, Light blue, etc.).
  • ShootProof’s support is available via phone.
  • As a photographer, you can also give a linked contact (ex: the bride) the ability to select from up to six photographer generated labels. This is handy if a client needs to choose images for their album, for example. You can also give the bride the ability to hide photos (such as getting ready images, or photos she’s not a fan of).


ShootProof offers a music option, which many photographers say helps their sales! For an extra $10/month, you can add the music option that will play when your client selects the “slideshow” button. This is worth the cost if you do a lot of family sessions. A lot of photographers who do in person sales LOVE this option because it adds an element of emotion. When you link your photos to powerful music, you’ll notice that your clients just fall even MORE head over heels for their photos. Many photographers also report higher sales when their pictures are paired with music! Try it out and see for yourself!


ShootProof has introduced the concept of a “vendor album.” This is a hidden album in a gallery that is only accessible via a specific link and can have it’s very own digital download permissions. A lot of wedding photographers will create a “Vendor Album” and give vendors the ability to download X number of full-res files for use on social media, etc. The significant part is anyone who attended the wedding won’t see this album. A photo can also live in multiple albums within a gallery, so the photographer does not have to upload multiple photos.

Mobile App

ShootProof allows you to create a mobile app for your client, which most clients LOVE.  They can “share” the app with others on social media, but that includes all the photos. They can download their photos, but only if you (the photographer) choose that as an option on the “settings” page. This is a great option to add value to your packages. It literally will take you about two minutes to set up, and your clients will LOVE the possibility to look at their photos right on their phones and share with everyone they know! (Bonus: you can include your studio information like a website link or social media page!)

Print Orders

One of the best features of ShootProof is the ability to link your galleries to professional printing labs! You create a price list with your custom markup and choose if you want the prints sent directly to your client, or you, the photographer.  Your client can order directly from their gallery and pay through PayPal. You don’t have to do anything.

Quick marketing tip: As a thank you to your clients, you can even send a surprise print from their “favorites” list. Word of mouth is a tremendous asset when it comes to attracting more photography clients!


Customer Service

Nothing kills a great product than subpar customer service, right? This is NOT the case with ShootProof. These people genuinely care that people love their product and are getting the most out of their services. I can’t speak highly enough of them and how attentive they are to their customers.  I have received responses to all of my emails in less than 48 hours! They also have a support group on Facebook, so you always have a place to turn if you have a question!

Photography Client Management Tools

The one thing that ShootProof doesn’t offer is streamlined client management. The good thing is, Hey Ned is a GREAT new option for exactly this! Hey Ned will streamline your client process, save YOU time, save YOUR CLIENTS time, and makes you LOOK MORE PROFESSIONAL. All of which are not “nice to haves” anymore, but “must-haves” if your goal is to book photography clients! Since I know the question will come up about what the heck Hey Ned is or does.

Hey Ned is the EASIEST photography studio client management tool available that lets you send contracts, client questionnaires, invoices, manage your calendar and more, all within one tool.  Note, Hey Ned doesn’t do any photo galleries, I love ShootProof for that and plan to migrate to Hey Ned for everything else.  Hey Ned is available for FREE for Cole’s Classroom Pro members who are pretty epic and will save you about $30 a month if having to pay for it or use something else.


Overall, ShootProof is hands down the BEST when it comes to their photo delivery system. I have used many other online delivery systems, and ShootProof is the most user-friendly and professional.  Clients are easily able to download their photos, and don’t find it to be particularly confusing at any step (which will save you a heck of a lot of time when it comes to explaining the system)!  The last great feature is the print order! Linking directly to a professional lab saves SO much time! You set your prices, your client’s order, and the lab delivers directly to your client (if you decide).  You can essentially sit back and sell prints without lifting a finger (other than creating the initial price lists). Not bad if you ask me!

Click here to sign up for your free 14-day trial (no credit cards required)!

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