If you are anything like me, you started out taking photos of your family and friends and you really started to enjoy it and then you decided to make a big leap into starting an official business to further pursue your new-found passion on the side of your “day-job” to make some money while doing so and now that too is going great…

…and unless you are head over heels in love with your day-job, you might be starting to ask yourself – should I become a full time photographer?

I don’t know – should you? 😉

Today I am going to talk about some key considerations you should take when deciding if transforming your business from part time to full time is the right decision for you.

Stress – The Passion Killer?

The first thing you should ask yourself is, if you are going to lose the financial stability from your day-job, is your passion for photography going to diminish as you become too stressed about surviving as a full time photographer?  For me, this was a huge consideration because while I absolutely love photography and all the clients I’ve worked with – would I still love it if it is no longer a “side-job” but my only job?  That is a question that only you can answer but I’d urge you to consider it.

Your Market

On a national and even worldwide basis, the number of photographers have exploded in growth and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.  With that said, competition is the number 1 price killer.  Is your market/location overly saturated with photographers already?  If so, how can you beat them?  It shouldn’t be price or you will not last as a full time photographer.  I’d recommend you take into account your current inquiry and booking rates you are currently seeing to get an idea of what you can expect moving forward.

Do You Got What it Takes?

If you are a part-time photographer now…rock on, you might just have the perfect combo with steady money coming in from your primary job plus side money coming in from your enjoyable photography side job.  Odds are you have benefits covered as well from your primary job.  On paper, it’s perfection – but if you go full time kiss all of that goodbye.

Considering my note above about pure saturation of photographers and competition everywhere you look, if you want to truly make it as a full time photographer do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to hustle? Because your going to need to do a lot of it!


Wrapping it all up

Transitioning from a part time photographer to full time is no joke and not for the faint at heart but if you have already done your due dilligence and are ready to do the work then go for it!

While it is certainly a saturated market in most areas that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.  It simply means, to be successful you have to try harder, work harder, work smarter and constantly strive to improve both your photography skills and more important – your business skills.

One thing is certain though, your happiness in life is priceless.  If you do make the leap, while you certainly will have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you, the new found freedom and flexibility is 2nd to none and it might just be one of the best decisions of your life!

Chat soon!

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