My Simple Trick to Fix Under Eye Circles in Lightroom

It’s not uncommon to have a photo that needs some touch up due to under eye circles, or dark circles under the client’s eye. There are several ways to edit something like this, and today I’m going to show you my favorite, quick method.


My Easy Fix

My favorite method for fixing under eye circles is to utilize the Clone Tool in Lightroom. While there are several ways to edit under eye circles, I prefer using the clone tool because it allows me to use the subjects own skin to enhance the area, resulting in color tones that are more true to life.

When using the clone tool to correct eye circles, I always have it set to a low opacity, usually between 20-25. At times the opacity may be even lower, it just depends on how dark the eye circles are. By selecting the “source area” (the area being cloned in) just under the eye circles, I am pulling from skin tones that are already near the eye. This gives me a better chance of smooth blending and even, realistic tones under the eye.

Watch me quickly correct under eye circles in the video below!

An Alternate Method

Another way to correct dark circles under the eyes is to use Lightroom’s adjustment brush. When I use the adjustment brush for under eye circles, I will make the following adjustments:

  • Slightly reduce contrast
  • Raise shadows
  • Reduce clarity
  • Slightly increase warmth via the Temp slider

Using the adjustment brush can make it tricky to keep a realistic skin tone under the eye, which is why I prefer using the clone tool. When using the adjustment brush, just pay close attention to your subject’s coloring and make sure you’re keeping realistic tones and not overdoing your correction.

Watch me edit in this video!

Things to Remember

Remember that you do not want to completely remove your subject’s circles under their eyes, as this will create an unnatural look. Whenever we are altering the appearance of a client, it is imperative that we use discretion. The goal should not be to give them a makeover via our editing process. We want our clients to look like themselves!

By learning to appropriately edit under eye circles, you can make your clients look their very best, while still being true to their unique appearance. What other methods have your tried to achieve this? We love to hear what works for you! Let us know in the comments below.