Looking back on old photos, it’s sometimes hard to believe you ever thought it was a good idea to take so many pictures of the same thing. Sure, having duplicate photos is helpful at the time; it gives you the chance to pick the best of the bunch of photos to print, send, or post. 

However, later on, you find out that all of these duplicate photos are simply wasting space on your devices. 

Deleting old and duplicate photos is a task we all avoid because it’s tedious, boring, and time-consuming. But when you use the best duplicate photo finder on the market, you can let the photo finder pictures do the work for you.

The best duplicate photo finder scan through the duplicate photos on your device, locating duplicates and deleting them for you. We know first-hand how convenient that sounds, so we put together a list of some of the best duplicate photo finders for all of your devices to clean out those duplicate photos albums. With a good finder, pictures are easy to organize. 

Duplicate Photo Cleaner – Best for Side-by-Side Picture Comparison

duplicate photo website

If you use either Windows or Mac OS, you’re in luck; Duplicate Photo Cleaner offers fantastic services for both of these systems. Additionally, you can also download this effective duplicate cleaner for CPU, RAM, and Hard Drives, helping you free up space is most of the technical areas of your life. 

With this duplicate cleaner and photo finder, you can add your folders in and then actually adjust the settings based on similarities. That way, the finder can locate anywhere from exact duplicates to images that have a 50% match. This particular setting is conducive when you’ve taken a lot of shots of one group of people.

Once your duplicate finder has located these duplicate pictures, it delivers a side-by-side look at all of them so you can compare and decide which duplicate files to keep and which to toss forever. The intelligent algorithm approaches these pictures with a human-like mindset so you can feel confident in it. 

One specific feature of this photo cleaner is that it can identify duplicate images that have been modified, cropped, rotated, etc. Many other applications can only look at things like image size, dates, and other technical features. 

This duplicate cleaner service is free to try with an ultimate upgrade price of $39.95. 

VisiPics – Free!

Obviously, the best thing about VisiPics is that it’s completely free. The duplicate cleaner runs off of donations, so if you really love the product, you can donate as much or as little money as you’d like to them.

That being said, the site and duplicate photo cleaner both have a bit of an old-fashioned feel to them in terms of technology. However, it is an accelerated program that gets the job done by scanning through your pictures and revealing the duplicates as it goes. That last feature is important because it allows you to start deleting without waiting for the full scan. 

Additionally, you can also utilize the smart auto-select mode, which will delete duplicates for you. Overall, this program has successfully passed tests scanning 100,000 pictures in just three hours. 

VisiPics supports a wide range of duplicate file types, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even raw files. It works primarily with Windows operating systems, but it does also work well with Wine on Linux, so it’s a pretty awesome duplicate photo finder. 

iPhoto Library Manager – Best for Apple Products

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iPhoto Library Manager is an Apple application that you can download on macOS and iPhones and is made specifically for scanning and clearing out the iPhotos app and its files.

When you download this program, you can use it to directly access every picture, album, files, and library without having to open each one individually, which saves you a lot of time and effort. 

Not only is this app great for deleting duplicate images, but it also helps you reorganize your albums by creating and managing libraries. Within the program, you can deal with several new and existing libraries at once. 

Then, you can search and scan through either specific libraries, or all of them at the same time, depending on what your overall goal is. 

After scanning through your shots, the program shows you all of the duplicate files side-by-side, along with all of their metadata, such as timestamps, dates, sizes, etc. You can choose which action you want to take next, whether it’s consolidating, deleting, or tagging. 

The cost of this software is $30.  

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Fast, Easy, and Effective

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a secure and reliable program that searches through your images and deletes the duplicates for you. It’s a versatile product that works with Windows, macOS, iOs, and Android, so lots of users can access its services. 

In fact, not only can you use this duplicate photos finder with internal storage, but you can also implement it to clear out your duplicate photos on external storage devices as well. 

When you download and install this duplicate photo finder, all you have to do is add your various picture folders and album and click the scan button. Before deleting your duplicate images, the program will show you a list of images that look the same. You can then choose to delete all of the marked duplicate photos at once, or you can look through to make sure you don’t accidentally delete something you wanted. 

The flexible choices let you decide if you want to scan each and every picture on your device, or if you want to go by specific folders only. Even if you have thousands of pictures, this duplicate photos finder works fast and efficiently. 

This website sometimes runs sales on this duplicate photo finder, so if you’re lucky, you can buy it for just $30. However, its regular sales price is $69.95. 

Ashisoft Duplicate Image Finder – Best Flexible and Free Option

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Ashisoft, in general, is known for creating programs and products that make life and managing files easier. So, it’s safe to say that their awesome duplicate photo finder aims to do the same for locating and deleting similar picture files on your devices. 

Ashisoft’s duplicate file finder not only finds similar images, but it also points out images that have the same pixels or have even been edited. 

The intuitive selection assistant works to identify duplicate files to delete, selecting them for you. Of course, you can also go through the selections to unmark any pictures you still want to keep. 

The image viewer is also super helpful, as it showcases all of the duplicate images side by side to let you compare and contrast all of the selections. 

Easy to use, super-fast, and with a free version, you can use Ashisoft’s duplicate photo finder on your Windows operating system and with all of the popular formats to find duplicate JPG, TIFF, and GIF. 


Check out a few commonly asked questions for duplicate picture finders below. 

Is there a duplicate photo finder for Windows?

There are several photo finders that you can download onto your Windows system to locate, organize, and delete duplicate files. We’ve mentioned a few above, including Ashisoft, VisiPics, and Duplicate Cleaner. 

Note that there are some photo finders that are made specifically for Mac and iOS systems and their files that won’t work with Windows, such as iPhoto Library Manager. 

Is Mac able to find and delete my duplicates?

Mac does not have a built-in feature that will automatically locate and remove your duplicate pictures; however, you can use the search bar within Mac to find and delete these duplicate images manually. 

To do so, open the Finder window and select New Smart Folder in the drop-down Apple menu. From there, click on the Plus button located in the top-right corner. 

After that, choose the Search Parameter and go to name, kind, matches, and finally, images. You can choose a certain picture format, but for this purpose, just select “all.” 

Doing so will show you similar images, duplicate pictures, and files, and you can go through and select/delete duplicates you want to get rid of to free up space. 

Which free duplicate finder works the best?

From our list above, we recommend Ashisoft as the best free duplicate image finder option for you to find duplicate pictures and files. While some of the others have free trials or limited free versions, Ashisoft’s free program is the most useful and comprehensive on the list.

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