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Hey there! I am Cole, welcome to Cole’s Classroom – the premier resource online for genuine, no-fluff, to-the-point photography tutorials & training to get your photography on the fast track.

Are you…

  • New to photography and totally overwhelmed with how to use your DSLR?
  • Frustrated with how long it takes you to edit your photos?
  • Looking for guidance on how to make your hobby a profitable business?
  • Simply looking for easy to understand & high quality tutorials?
  • Wanting to find the best editing tools & training to get your photography on the fast track?

If you said yes to any of those items you are in the right place!

This page is my collection of our very best photography tutorials & resources available to you.  It is your road-map to get you pointed in the right direction on Cole’s Classroom and take you to exactly what you are looking for 🙂

What Next?

  • Step 1 – Head through my top resources below and also grab your FREE Lightroom Presets!
  • Step 2 – Want to edit waaaaaay quicker? Check out & watch the video demos of my newest premium Lightroom presets collections & Lightroom training.
  • Step 3 – Improve your photography right now and learn some new tricks & tips with my most popular free tutorials listed below.
  • Step 4 – Are you a visual learner? I got you covered, check out my constantly growing collection of video tutorials!

My Top Tools & Resources For You

From my video tutorials to my top rated premium Lightroom presets & photography training workshops I got you covered!

Simply click on the red header to navigate over to learn more about any of these items.

The Lightroom Ultimate Shortcuts Video Suite – Tired of fumbling your way through Lightroom?  I don’t blame you.  This video suite contains 35 of my very best Lightroom tricks, tips and shortcuts!  With lifetime access to the video collection and the crazy low sale price of $39, it’s a no-brainer and must have for any Lightroom user.

Crisp & Clean Lightroom Presets Collection – Our most popular Lightroom presets collection yet! The easiest way to add the extra “pop” to your photos and take your photos to the next level.  Watch the video demo and see sample photos right here.

Endless Elegance Lightroom Film Presets Collection – 30 unique presets that will transform your photos into pure elegance with only one click!  Don’t believe me? Watch the video demo and see sample photos right here.

Essential Newborn Lightroom Presets – Newborn editing just got easier!  One click simplicity with better results carefully handcrafted to tackle common newborn editing challenges.  Go here to watch the video demo and read client reviews to see if they will help you!

Cole’s Import to Export Lightroom Workflow – Wish you could edit faster in Lightroom?  Follow along with me as I reveal my process and secrets that let me edit photo shoots from start to finish in 20 minutes and full weddings in only 4 hours!  Watch me, follow my process, use my settings.  Learn more here. 

Lightroom Training Workshop – Feeling frustrated with using Lightroom?  My online “Becoming a Lightroom Expert Quickly & Easily” workshop features over 8 hours of high quality, easy to navigate advanced training content.  There is too much content & training in this workshop to say here, so make sure to click on over to the info page to learn more and become a Lightroom expert today. This workshop comes with our no questions asked money back guarantee so the risk is all on me.  Click here to learn more about this workshop!

Newborn Photography Workshop – Newborn photography is unlike anything else and without the experience or right tools you might be in for a surprise.  This workshop is your road-map to becoming a successful newborn photographer and creating a flourishing business that you love. Follow along on an actual in-home photo shoot, learn our newborn editing techniques, how to market your business and much more. With our rock solid 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!  Click here to learn more.

Free Lightroom Presets – 115,031 have downloaded my free Lightroom presets, what are you waiting for?  Click here.

Our Exclusive Facebook Group – Got a question?  We got answers for you.  Our Cole’s Classmate – Photo School Facebook group is the place to be to get involved, get inspired and get answers.  Click on over and request to join the group…I’ll add ya!

Cole’s Classroom YouTube – Over 60 video “to-the-point” and no BS video tutorials.  Head on over, you might just learn a thing or two!

Amazon – I buy all of my photo gear (and everything else) through Amazon.  I love Amazon because their customer service is the best that I’ve ever dealt with and if I ever need help, they got me covered and that’s huge for me.  I am a proud Amazon affiliate which means if you purchase anything from Amazon after using my link I will receive a small 3-6% commission, despite you not paying a penny extra.  These commissions help me pay for the growing monthly costs to run Cole’s Classroom – I appreciate your support!

Top Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorials

“There is no greater way to put more profits into your business than becoming more efficient with your time”

Adobe Lightroom is by far the most utilized photo editing software product available today. It has virtually eliminated the need for me to step into Photoshop and is the only photo editing tool that allows me to consistently edit entire weddings in only 5 hours or less!

There is no greater way to put more profits into your business than becoming more efficient with your time, and Lightroom is my main contributor to those photo editing efficiencies I’ve developed.

Here is my collection of my very best Lightroom training & photo editing tutorials that I’ve written and/or recorded to share with you my very best photo editing and workflow techniques that I’ve developed over the last 5 years of being a wedding photographer and exclusively using Lightroom photo editing software.

Ready to get your learn on??  Here we go!

Edit Like a Pro & Fix Crazy Skin Tones in Lightroom in 3 Clicks! – Learn how to quickly and effectively adjust unnatural skin tones within seconds as I let you in on one of my best kept secrets.

How to Edit Newborn Photos in Lightroom in only 65 Seconds! – What would you do with the extra time you’d have on your hands if you could edit an entire newborn session in less than 1 hour?

Presets in Adobe Lightroom to Automate Workflow & “Pop” to Images! – Using Adobe Lightoom find out how we can edit an entire wedding in only 5 hrs and make the images pop! Find out how…

Edit Quicker by Batch Editing with Lightroom – Boost your photo editing skills by learning how to batch process your photos in Adobe Lightroom!

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom! (Video) – Follow along with my screen watching me explain the basics of how I edit photos in Lightroom.

Using the Graduated Filter in Lightroom 5 for Creative Lighting Effects for Portraits (Video) – Learn how to creatively use the graduated filter tool in Lightroom to drastically improve your photos.

Want more? Check out the full set of Lightroom photo editing tutorials here!

Best Photography Fundamentals Tutorials

“I believe that learning photography doesn’t have to be so difficult!”  

New to the fun, but at times overwhelming world of photography?  Don’t worry, this is our complete collection of the very best photography fundamentals tutorials that I’ve published on Cole’s Classroom.

Read one, read all – enjoy!

How to Get Sharp Photos – All the Time!: There are three major pitfalls that often hurt image sharpness.  Three.  That’s it. Learn exactly what these pitfalls are so you can improve your photo sharpness today.

5 Top Reasons Why You Need a 50mm Lens: a 50mm lens is among the most popular lenses to have in your kit, find out why.

Fundamentals of Photography – Understanding Aperture: By the time you are done reading you will have a clear idea of what aperture is, what it does and what effect it has on your photography.

Should I Upgrade or Keep the Kit Lens?:  Learn the top three reasons your kit lens is holding you back as a photographer

Depth of Field Explained: Everything you need to know about depth of field.  What it is and what you need to know!

How to Take Photos in Low Light Conditions: One of the greatest initial challenges for most photographers is how to take great photos in low light conditions.  This very article will explain everything you need to know to conquer any low light conditions.

Photography Basics – ISO Explained the Easy Way!: A frustrating key concept for many.  This quick read breaks it all down into easy to understand examples so you know what it is and how it affects you.