Perspective photography is an incredible way to give viewers unique vantage points. It is a great way to share a viewpoint that many people are not able to see. It allows them to see things they may never be able to experience. Keep reading for some photography tips to help you become an awe-inspiring perspective photographer. 

Drawing in the View with Perspective Photography

Perspective photography is a method of taking photos so that the viewer’s eye is drawn to a specific focal point or so that the picture evokes an emotional response. Many people use unique perspective photography tips to attract viewers. A thumbnail that has a small part of image of someone standing on a tall building looking down causes people to think, “show me this video.” They want to see more. 

It is also an excellent new way to promote free videos of city tours or really unique subject matter. Many of the most popular videos use beautiful images by perspective photographers to draw the viewer. However, these images are not only an excellent way to get more viewers for your free video reveals. 

You can attract a large following by taking perspective photography and using these perspective photography tips. These photos are great for wedding photos, video reveals of new buildings, natural wonders, and other images. No matter what your subject matter is, capturing it from a specific perspective can help you draw an audience. 

Here are the ways perspective photography tips attract viewers: 

  • Gives a sense of depth
  • Shows a new perspective of the subject
  • Evokes an emotional response to a vantage point
architectural photography from ground perspective

The Importance of Perspective Photography

Perspective in photography allows you to create an image that conveys a specific message. News outlets use these photos to attract readers. Considering the perspective of a photograph can even help you spot fake news

Different Types of Perspective Photos

There are numerous types of perspective photography you can take. The kind you use will give a different interpretation of the image. So, it is essential to consider what response you want from the image. 

Forced Perspective

Forced perspectives photography makes the viewer’s eye see the object from the viewpoint you desire. 

Exaggerating the Perspective

Exaggerated perspective photography makes things appear larger or smaller, depending on the way you take the image. 

Perspective at Eye-Level

Eye level perspective photography is one of the most common ways photographers photograph objects. Photos taken at the capturer’s eye level give the most realistic image from the photographer’s location. 

An Aerial Perspective

The top view perspective photography is taken above the subject looking down. 

man at the end of spiral tunnel

High Vantage Point Perspective

You capture the high view perspective when you capture an object from high above it. You can take this perspective from an airplane, hot air balloon, observation deck, or another high vantage point. 

Photography from a Hidden Perspective

Hidden perspective photography gives the impression that the subject is unaware of the photographer’s presence. 

Framed Perspective

Framed perspective uses a frame to focus attention on a specific aspect of the image. 

Overlap Perspective

When you photograph multiple objects overlapping each other, you create an overlapping unique perspective. 

Fisheye Lens: Rectilinear Perspective

You can achieve a rectilinear perspective of a flat object by using a fisheye lens. A fisheye camera lens is the only way to create this perspective. However, these images are unique and exciting to many viewers. 

The Subject’s Point of View

When using the subject point of view, the image looks like the subject photographed it. For example, if you are taking an image of a mother holding her baby, this view would look as if you are the mother with the baby in your arms. 

From the Ground Up: Worm’s Eye Point of View

A worm’s eye view is taken from ground level looking up, like trees or other photos facing upward. 

Understanding Perspective From a Physical Standpoint

crystal ball showing rock formation

Taking images from a physical standpoint is one way to give a viewer a different appreciation of the object. Here are some photography tips to assist you in capturing the perfect photo.

Shifting Right and Left

Just moving from left to right is useful when you are trying to capture a unique view of subjects like trees. Your image will be completely different depending on what side and angle from which you catch it. 

Move Up and Down

Moving up and down is another way to gain different new perspectives with your camera. You can shift from photographing a subject from a low angle or stand on an object and shoot down with your camera.

Adjusting Your Angle

Moving your angle will give you vastly different results. For example, if you are on top of a building looking down, the perspective at which you take incredible pictures will make a massive difference in the final result. 

If you are standing on a lookout and you want to invoke a fear of heights, you will want to take the image with the camera straight down. If you’re going to show how far you can see from the location, you need to hold your camera straight up shooting straight as far as the eye can see. 

Tips for Improving Your Perspective in Photography

The perspective in photography that you choose will make a big difference in the way the image is understood. So, it is essential to consider some things when you are capturing your shot. You want to think about your audience. Then, answer the following questions: 

  • What do you want them to take away from the picture?
  • Do you want them to have a new perspective? 
  • Are you trying to draw the viewer?
  • What is the best way to convey the message you want? 
  • What angle is most likely to give you the results you want, whether it is to get a viewer to click on a free video or share their email address? 
long hallway of old hotel

Determining what you want the viewer to take away from your photo, how you want them to use the photo, and what action you want them to take after they see it, can help you decide what perspective is necessary.

It is also a good idea to view the image from a non-biased viewpoint. Consider what your first thought is when you see the photo. Or, have someone else take a look and see what they think without giving them any background on the image. Their first impression is likely to be similar to others. 

You also need to think about whether your audience has any experience with the subject. If you are trying to attract an audience and you use a image with a perspective that is unrealistic, it can cause you to lose trust. 

However, subscribers who receive unique images are likely to stay engaged with the content you share. So, sharing exciting perspective photography is a great marketing tool. When your followers see your email address, they will open your content if they know you for sharing inspiring views.

Using Perspective with Conceptual Point of View

You do not have to get your shot from a location that is difficult to reach to get exceptional perspectives. A conceptual point of view allows you to use different tools to achieve similar results. 

Vary Your Distance

Taking photos from varying distances is a great way to get a different view. You can move closer and farther away from objects, you can take photos that are close and farther away, and you can take photos of several objects that are at varying distances to gain different perspectives. 

Carefully Consider Your Composition

The composition of your images has a significant effect on the perspective. Composition relates to the position of items in your picture. Depending on what you are photographing and where each item is, the perspective will change. For example, if you take an image from eye level out the window of a skyscraper with clouds surrounding the building, it will give the viewer the impression the building is taller. 

Likewise, if you take a photograph of an auto race with the cars blurring past, that will give the idea that the cars are fast. You can make the vehicles appear even faster by focusing on a slower object, say a person riding a bike, with the race cars blurring by in the background. That gives the appearance that the cars are much faster than the person riding a bicycle.  

Ariel shot of snowy forest

Play Around with Lenses

Lenses are an essential part of photography because a lens can give you the ability to capture different perspectives you would not otherwise be able to achieve.

Forced Perspective

Forcing your viewer’s eye or perspective is one of the best ways for you to convey a specific idea. You are creating the appearance that something is larger or smaller than it is based on the composition of the photograph and the way you take a photograph. You do not have to be an experienced perspective photographer to use this method. You just have to get creative. 

Alter Elements

Adjusting the sharpness, color, and contrast of your photo will change how you draw the viewer’s perspective. You can also alter these elements around a specific point to draw more attention to the point you want to be the focus of the image.

Tips For Capturing Images From Different Perspectives

If you are new to perspective photography, there are some photography tips you can do to capture images from different views. After you practice these photography tips for a while, you will get more comfortable, and you will learn to take photos in ways that help you to achieve the best results. 

1. Get Down Low

Shooting at a low angle gives you the ability to capture a subject from their lower angle to shoot perspective. A viral photo taken at a low angle of a father touching his son’s hand through a glass door is an excellent example of this. Shooting at a low angle helps the viewer understand the moment shared by the father and son more clearly. Shooting at a low angle causes people to click on the free video. 

2. Capture Your Subject from a Variety of Angles

If you want to capture the best photo, you need to take the images from different angles. For instance, you can get up high to capture the scenes below you. Train your eye to look for different angles. When you have multiple shots of the object, you can pick the one that conveys the message you want to share. 

3. Use Perspective to Create Depth

You can use perspective to create a sense of depth in your photos. Subscribers who receive a series of photos from your email address that are all the same perspective and without any depth will get bored and move on quickly. If you use varying perspectives and create a sense of depth, they are more likely to stay engaged. 

4. Offer a Unique Perspective with Reflections

Reflections in water offer a unique view of an object. They also allow you to create different perspectives. For example, taking a photo through a glass of water will create a differential perspective. 

5. Capture Your Subject Through Another Object

Shooting through an object can give the appearance that you were looking through something. It is another great way to frame around a subject without using an actual frame. 

6. Go High

Shooting from a high vantage point is one of the best ways to give the viewer the feeling of being somewhere. It is especially useful for video reveals of tall buildings, amusement park rides, and other locations that are vertigo-inducing.

If you want to attract people, a thumbnail with one of these photos is an excellent way. People can’t help but want to see more when you give them this view.

7. Hip Shot

When you are trying to get different angles and viewpoints, you need to take shots in different ways. So, when you are photographing a subject, take a few shots, including one from the hip.

Photo of staircase from the top

8. Capture the Same Subject with Different Viewpoints

Capture each subject from different viewpoints. You can use the photos in a sequence to intrigue people and make them say, “show me this video.” Or, you can encourage them to share your content with others. The various perspectives caught at different viewpoints create strong emotions, which is critical. 

9. Get Up Close

Shooting from a close perspective helps to make the subject the focus of your image. So, if you want to make the object you are shooting the attention of the photo, try a closeup shot. 

10. Frame Your Shot

Shooting through a frame is easier than you might think. You can use an actual frame or natural or architectural frames. No matter what way you frame a subject, you are provoking a viewer to pay attention to the part of the photo in the frame. You can increase the effect by blurring the outside of the frame and sharpening the section inside. 

11. Try a Bird’s Eye View

Shooting down on a subject gives a different perspective. That is why many photographers are using drones to take photos and reveal videos, and people go crazy over these unique shots. 

12. Look Up to Your Subject

If you want to capture how vast a subject is, shooting up will give you that perspective. This method works for tall structures or if you want to make an object appear taller. Change your perspective when shooting from a low angle, and you’ll see it is possible to give the appearance of height to even a small subject.

13. Increase Depth with a Low Viewpoint

By shooting from a low point of view, you can also give a sense of depth to your photo. This technique is great if you are taking a landmark photo, and you want to provide the viewer with the impression they are standing in front of it. 

14. Mirrors & Windows

Using reflections in mirrors or windows allows you to capture the perspective of the subject rather than your view. These photos are a softer way to focus on the object you are capturing. It is indirect, and people enjoy these photos. 

15. From the Ground Up

If you want to catch a worm’s eye view, you might even want to lie down and shoot from the ground. A worm’s eye makes the viewer feel small and relatively insignificant to the photo’s subject and gives them a whole new perspective.  

empty checkered French walkway

16. Play Around with the Foreground

Placing something or even a subject in the foreground can help you achieve the desired perspective. For example, if you want to give the appearance that the moon is closer than it appears, you can position someone in the shot with their hand around it. 

17. Utilize a Variety of Lenses

Using a few different lenses to take a shot will give you different views of the same subject. The way your photo appears on your camera is different than the way it will look on the computer screen. So, it is essential to take various shots, and using different lenses is an excellent way to make sure you have several variations of the same photo. 

18. Create a Different POV

Taking an image from the subject’s point of view is another way to capture a moment in time. These photos make great memories, and you can use them when taking pictures of a new mother or father, a bride or groom, or any subject during an event of a lifetime. 

19. Perfect Your Photos with Practice

The more you practice taking perspective photography, the better you will get at it. It might take a few tries before you get that perfect photo. So, do not just settle for the first picture you take. 

20. Capture Your Subject Looking Away from the Camera

If you want to capture an intimate image of your subject, have them look away from you. You can also have them focus on another component of the composition to give a perspective of the way they feel about the other object. 

The Art of Perspective Photography

Photography is an art form. It allows a photographer to capture a moment in time and share it with others. Using normal perspective photography gives a realistic impression of the event or subject matter, while a unique perspective in photography evokes strong emotion in the viewer. 

stairs among concrete building

A viewer will perceive the same subject very differently depending on the perspective used by the photographer. Therefore, it is beneficial for photographers to use photography tips and various methods each time they capture an object. 

Perspective photography artists such as Kunal Kelkar are capable of giving people the impression that a image is real by using props and perspective. You, too, can practice this method to attract a following and invite people to YouTube to see what your free video reveals or to follow you on social media sites like Instagram. 

The art of using perspective is nothing new. Throughout history, artists have used these techniques to evoke emotion. While historically, photography is one of the latest art forms, the idea is no different. In fact, perspective photography is even essential to science and other academic subjects because it helps people understand the subject matter.

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