For many photographers, the thought of learning how to use flash scares the be-jeezus out of themselves.  It’s no mystery that in photography, one of the most important concepts to learn, if not “thee” most important concept is: lighting.

“flash is truly a necessary tool in your toolbox”

Lighting is so important but yet so many are intimidated by the use of flash, however, flash is truly a necessary tool in your toolbox and you’d be absolutely crazy to think that you can get by all the time without using (or mastering) flash.

The good news is, I have set out on a mission across the entire interweb to bring you the ultimate off camera flash tutorials resource all within 1 post.

I’ve done all the reading, the research and pulled together the very best of the best all on your favorite hot topic – off camera flash!

With that said, lets get on with the list!

The Basics of Off Camera Flash – A super awesome and helpful off camera flash tutorial covering the basics of using flash such as which modes to use on your flash, understanding in-camera metering, how shutter speed plays a role and how to balance the light from your flash with natural light too.


3 Easy Tricks to Take Locations from Boring to Brilliant – A very eye-opening and valuable post from well known wedding photographers Zach & Jody showing you how creative use and positioning with off camera flash can bring photo locations to life!

zach jody OCF
Photo by Zach & Jody – click photo for tutorial on their website

Getting Started with Off Camera Flash –  Want to get started with off camera flash but unsure what equipment you need?  This will get you on the right track!


Off Camera Flash & Reception Lighting – I always love seeing other wedding photographers off camera flash set-ups and this is a great one.  Not only will you see the equipment and set-up but I love how image samples are shown for all of the different on camera + off camera flash combos one can use during a wedding.

OCF wedding
Above photo copyright – Christy Tyler Photography.  Click photo for tutorial on website

Simple Off Camera Flash Techniques for Dramatic Wedding Photos – Want to jazz up your wedding photos for your couple?  This post is just what you need.  Learn about the why, how, where and when you can use off camera flash on the wedding day to add a whole other look!

CC - Wedding Photo OCF

Off Camera Flash Angles – Another really great job showcasing the different angles and off camera flash setups used in the context of a wedding reception.  Take a peek, you’ll learn something awesome.

Off_Camera_Flash_17 Melissa Jill

3 Simple Off Camera Flash Set-Ups – Maybe you got the exposure part down but the real magic comes from the direction of your light!  A great read showing you 3 easy off camera flash set-ups, complete with diagrams and sample images!


How to Use Off Camera Flash for Outdoor Portraits – A great overview covering when to use flash, understanding quality vs quantity of light, soft vs hard light, gear needed and much more.

off-camera-flash-digital photo mentor

Off Camera Lighting at Wedding Receptions – This post is an oldie but a goodie!  I was always a fan of Jasmine Star and her wedding photos so naturally I’ve come across this post about how she uses off camera lighting to give gorgeous and dynamic lighting during her wedding receptions. It’s always helpful to see image samples, explaining the angles and placement of the flash relative to the subject so I think you too will find this easy read super helpful.

Jasmine Star OCF

Working with Off Camera Flash & TTL – A ton of really superb diagrams showing different angles and flash setup options you can utilize and how different the light will fall on your subject.  Once you understand the basics of flash and off camera flash, this article will help answer your next logical question – where do I place the flash/flashes?


How to Use Off Camera Flash for Daytime Portraits – A step by step written and video tutorial walking you through a sample photo from one of my engagement shoots in the midday sun with how I created the shot along with the gear I used.


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