Boudoir photos are growing in popularity across the country.  These sensual, intimate photos are usually taken for the enjoyment of the subject and her (or his) partner.  If you’re new to shooting boudoir photos, one question you might have is where to shoot your sessions.

Where Can I Take Boudoir Photos?

Boudoir photos can be taken in any location where you and your subject feel safe and comfortable.  You’ll also want a location with privacy to put your subject more at ease.  

Boudoir photos can be taken indoors at out in a variety of locations.  Let’s look at some popular places to take boudoir photos.

Below are some ideas to get you started finding a location for your next boudoir session!

Where to take boudoir photos indoors

Where to Take Boudoir Photos Indoors

It can be easier to take boudoir photos indoors because you control things such as privacy and temperature more easily.

Traditional Studio Setting

A traditional photography studio works well as a location for boudoir photos.  You can use different backdrops and have access to all you off-camera lighting to shape the light. Props such as chairs, rugs, and air mattresses can help create a variety of posing opportunities.

In a Home

Your client’s home is another great place to take boudoir photos.  Not only will you have privacy, but your client will also feel more comfortable in his or her own space.  Because of the intimate nature of boudoir photos, the bedroom is an obvious location.  A bed is one of the best props to have in boudoir photos because it immediately implies intimacy.  It also lets you pose your client in a variety of different ways, such as lying on it on her back or stomach, sitting on it, sitting next to it, or lying next to it with her feet and legs propped on it.

You can also try taking your boudoir photos in the bathroom.  Water adds a really sensual element to your images.  You can use a large tub filled with water (or milk) surrounded by candles or flowers.  Or try a frosted or steamy shower stall.  Capture reflections from the bathroom mirrors for double the sexy!

Don’t forget about other areas in the home, like the kitchen and living room.  Shooting someplace slightly unexpected, such as the kitchen, can add some playfulness and whimsy to a boudoir shoot.  In a living room or family room, look for props such as a fireplace, interesting chairs, or luxurious rugs.  Make use of any big window with soft light to flatter your subject in a lot of different ways.  

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Hotel Rooms, Air B&Bs, or Other Rentals

You can easily rent a beautiful space for your boudoir photos!  Think about hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts, Air B&Bs or other rental properties in your area.  These spaces don’t have the clutter of a private home and may have more upscale furnishings that you can use as part of your shoot.  Before you pay for the rental, though, make sure it’s allowed per the rules of the establishment.  Some Air B&Bs, for example, prohibit the use of their spaces for commercial photography.  Always check with the host or management before shooting.  

Other Indoor Locations

Take a cue from your client’s interests and personality to find other indoor places for boudoir photo sessions.  Garages, libraries, cafes, laundromats, or offices could all make for fun and evocative images.  Just be sure to always have permission and maintain the privacy of your client.

Outdoor location ideas for boudoir photo shoots

Where to take boudoir photos outdoors

Nothing says boudoir photos have to be shot indoors.  The world is your canvas, so to speak!  Here a few outdoor boudoir location ideas

The Beach

Remember what I said about water?  The beach combines water and sand, which lends additional texture to your images.  It doesn’t have to be an ocean beach, either.   A pond, lake, or river-front property can work just as well.

Where to take boudoir photos outdoors

The Woods

Wooded areas work great for boudoir sessions for a few reasons.  The trees can provide shade and seclusion.  Don’t forget to take along a blanket or chair so your client isn’t directly on the ground.

Check out this Pinterest board for inspiration on outdoor boudoir locations!

A Private Garden or Backyard

Flowers make a great prop for boudoir photography.  Surround your client with lots of flowers by shooting in a private garden.  Even if you don’t use flowers, a shaded backyard full of greenery and space to work is also a possibility.


A barn might not be right for every client, but for the right client…it’s perfect!  Farms and ranches are full of textures and contrasting backdrops.  Wood, metal, brick, straw, hay, and machinery can all make interesting for an interesting juxtaposition to the lace or silk of your boudoir client.

A Porch or Private Pool

You might not need to go any farther than your clients’ porch for a great place to take boudoir photos.  Make use of steps, pillars, upscale patio furniture, or the pool itself.

A Pasture or the Desert

And finally, if you’re in the arid west of the U.S., wooded areas with trees might be hard to come by for your boudoir shots!  Try the desert or open pastures instead.  If there’s nothing but open space surrounding your model, there’s nothing to distract from her beauty!  Use grasses, cactus, rocks or fences in the foreground of your image for more visual interest.


There’s no one best place to take boudoir photos.  Indoor and outdoor locations work equality well.  Visit with your client to see where he or she would feel the most comfortable and confident, then brainstorm some locations that fit those needs.  Above all, ensure your client is safe! With some imagination and planning, you can find a location that provides privacy, great light, and stunning imagery!

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